Intermediate Listening Lesson 02 – I Need Glasses


I have been having trouble seeing the blackboard.
Everything is blurry.
I keep getting headaches.
I told my mother about it,
and she made an appointment with the optometrist.
I went to a place where they made me read words and letters on a chart.
Some of the words were big,
and some were very small.
I tried to read everything,
but sometimes I couldn’t see some of the small letters.
The optometrist would cover one of my eyes while I read the chart.
Then, she would cover my other eye.
She even put some drops in my eyes.
I asked the optometrist if I had passed or failed the test.
She laughed, and said it wasn’t that kind of test that you passed or failed.
She was just trying to find out if I needed glasses.
I did need glasses.
My mother and I looked around.
There were many pairs of frames.
I wanted something that was in style.
I tried on many pairs of frames.
Some of them looked good on me, and some of them looked really funny on me.
I finally chose a frame that was my favorite.
I gave them to a lady who did some measurements.
She told me to come back on Friday to get my glasses.
On Friday, I got my glasses.
My friends liked them.
They said I looked smart in my glasses.
I wore them to school on Monday,
and I was able to see the blackboard clearly.
I didn’t realize how much I hadn’t been able to see.
Now I don’t get headaches anymore.
I’m glad that I have my glasses.
Everything is a lot clearer now.

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