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Short Story in English 17 – New Shoes

Short Story in English 17 - New Shoes

New Shoes
She is young.
Her shoes are old.
She wears them to work.
She goes to work five days a week.
She loves her work.
She is a waitress.
She works at a restaurant.
The restaurant is near her home.
She walks to the restaurant.
She stands up all day long.
She is young and strong.
But her shoes are not.
They are old.
She saw an ad in the paper.
All shoes were on sale at the shoe store.
She walked into the store.
She looked around.
She saw some black shoes.
They looked good.
She tried them on.
They were very comfortable.
They felt good.
They were only $25.
She paid cash.
She wore them home.
She felt good.
She was ready for work the next day.
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