Easy English listening Lesson 23 – Weather

You can watch the weatherman on TV,
to find out what the weather will be like.
It might be a nice clear day with no clouds in the sky.
The sun might be shining.
It could be a cloudy day.
Sometimes, cloudy days are just dull.
On some cloudy days, it begins to rain or snow.
Some days are rainy.
You need a raincoat, umbrella and boots on a rainy day.
Rain makes the flowers and grass grow.
The weather forecast might say that it will be windy.
You could have a gentle breeze.
It might be very gusty so that the wind pushes you.
It is dangerous if the wind is very strong.
A hurricane or tornado is very dangerous.
Once in a while, the weatherman says there will be hail.
Hail stones are hard cold pellets of ice that fall from the sky.
Sometimes, the weatherman will say that there will be snow flurries.
Sometimes, there is just a light dusting of snow.
Sometimes, there is a blizzard or a snowstorm.
It can be dangerous driving through a blizzard.
If there is a lot of snow, the streets have to be plowed.
You need a hat, coat, mittens and boots on a very cold day.
Sometimes, the weather forecast is wrong.
The weatherman might say that it will be a sunny day, but then the clouds come in and it rains.
That is not good if you are planning a picnic.
I prefer sunny days that are warm but not too hot.
I like to feel a gentle breeze to cool me down.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. How can you find out about the weather?
  2. What are some characteristics of a nice clear day?
  3. What do you need on a rainy day?
  4. What effect does rain have on flowers and grass?
  5. What precautions are mentioned for windy days?
  6. What are hail stones, and when might they occur?
  7. What is a potential danger associated with strong wind?
  8. What can be dangerous when driving during a blizzard?
  9. What do you need on a very cold day?
  10. What preference is expressed regarding weather, and why?

Please comment your answers! 

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