Easy English listening Lesson 3 – My Flower Garden

My name is Anne.
I love flowers.
I have a flower garden.
My garden is in front of my house.
My neighbour has a garden too.
My garden has different types of flowers.
I have roses in my garden.
I have tulips in my garden.
I have petunias in my garden.
My garden has different colours.
I plant red flowers.
I plant orange flowers.
I plant blue flowers.
I plant purple flowers.
I take care of my garden.
I water my garden every day.
I kill the weeds in my garden.
I kill insects that eat my flowers.
I love my beautiful garden.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. What is the speaker’s name?
  2. What does Anne love?
  3. Where is Anne’s flower garden located?
  4. Does Anne’s neighbor also have a garden?
  5. What types of flowers does Anne have in her garden?
  6. Name three colors of flowers in Anne’s garden.
  7. How does Anne take care of her garden?
  8. What does Anne do to the weeds in her garden?
  9. How often does Anne water her garden?
  10. Why does Anne kill insects in her garden?

Please comment your answers!

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It’s very interesting. Thank’s!!!