Positive Words That Start With N

“When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars.” Through this quote, Oscar Wilde has reminded us to stay optimistic, even in the darkest days of our life. However, sometimes life gives us a hundred days of rain and a hundred days of darkness, which feels like an excruciatingly long time. The question here is how can we turn ourselves into optimists and keep up that attitude even in the midst of those situations. Let’s us tell you a secret! One of the best yet simplest ways to do that is to start studying and speaking positive words!

Positive Words That Start With N


Research has shown that language can make a powerful impact on your mindset, and certainly you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. Therefore, it is highly recommended that positive words should be frequently in your daily conversations as they will motivate not only yourself but also people around. In this post today, Learn English In A Fun Way would like to offer you a list of positive words starting with N. Hope that this gift will uplift your mood, especially those whose names beginning with N!Positive Words That Start With N

List of Positive Words That Start With N

Number Positive Words Phonetics Pronunciation
1 Namaste Namaste
2 Narrative ˈnærətɪv
3 Nascent ˈneɪsənt
4 Nationhood ˈneɪʃənˌhʊd
5 Nationwide ˈneɪʃənˈwaɪd
6 Native ˈneɪtɪv
7 Natty ˈnæti
8 Natural ˈnæʧərəl
9 Naturalize ˈnæʧərəˌlaɪz
10 Naturally ˈnæʧərəli
11 Nature ˈneɪʧər
12 Navigable ˈnævəgəbəl
13 Navigate ˈnævəˌgeɪt
14 Navigated ˈnævəˌgeɪtɪd
15 Navigation ˈnævəˈgeɪʃən
16 Near nɪr
17 Neat nit
18 Neaten Neaten
19 Neatest ˈnitəst
20 Neatly ˈnitli
21 Necessary ˈnɛsəˌsɛri
22 Needed ˈnidəd
23 Neighborly ˈneɪbərli
24 Nestle ˈnɛsəl
25 Neutral ˈnutrəl
26 Never-failing ˈnɛvər-ˈfeɪlɪŋ
27 New nu
28 Newborn ˈnubɔrn
29 Newfound ˈnuˈfaʊnd
30 Next nɛkst
31 Nibble ˈnɪbəl
32 Nice naɪs
33 Nicely ˈnaɪsli
34 Nicer ˈnaɪsər
35 Nicest ˈnaɪsɪst
36 Nifty ˈnɪfti
37 Nimble ˈnɪmbəl
38 Nimbus ˈnɪmbəs
39 Nipper ˈnɪpər
40 Nippy ˈnɪpi
41 Nirvana nɪrˈvɑnə
42 Noble ˈnoʊbəl
43 Nobly ˈnɑbli
44 Nod nɑd
45 Noiseless ˈnɔɪzləs
46 Nominate ˈnɑmənət
47 Nonchalant ˌnɑnʃəˈlɑnt
48 Nonpareil Nonpareil
49 Nonstop ˌnɑnˈstɑp
50 Non-violence nɑn-ˈvaɪələns
51 Non-violent nɑn-ˈvaɪələnt
52 Nook nʊk
53 Normal ˈnɔrməl
54 Normally ˈnɔrməli
55 Notable ˈnoʊtəbəl
56 Notably ˈnoʊtəbli
57 Noted ˈnoʊtəd
58 Noteworthy ˈnoʊˌtwɜrði
59 Noticeable ˈnoʊtəsəbəl
60 Noticeably ˈnoʊtɪsəbli
61 Notorious noʊˈtɔriəs
62 Nourish ˈnɜrɪʃ
63 Nourishing ˈnɜrɪʃɪŋ
64 Nourishment ˈnɜrɪʃmənt
65 Novel ˈnɑvəl
66 Novelty ˈnɑvəlti
67 Now naʊ
68 Numberless ˈnʌmbərləs
69 Numerous ˈnumərəs
70 Numinous Numinous
71 Nurse nɜrs
72 Nurture ˈnɜrʧər
73 Nurtured ˈnɜrʧərd
74 Nurturing ˈnɜrʧərɪŋ
75 Nutritious nuˈtrɪʃəs
76 Nuzzle ˈnʌzəl

Above-mentioned is the list of positive words that start with N! We guarantee that thanks to using these beautiful positive words, your negative attitude will gradually be changed and replaced by great deal of optimism. In order to search for other lists of positive words, take a look at website of Learn English In A Fun Way and you will easily find different results. Let’s begin practicing this list of positive words right now in order to reap the benefits it may bring us. Thank you for reading and see you in the next post with other interesting pieces of knowledge!

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