Easy English listening Lesson 62 – Spring

It rains a lot in the spring. 
The trees are full of buds, and the flowers are starting to bloom. 
My favorite spring flowers are tulips and daffodils. 
The birds come back from the south. 
I can always tell that spring is here when I see my first robin of the season. 
The robins pull worms from the wet ground. 
When it isn’t raining, my friends and I go outside and toss a ball around. 
We look forward to the summer, but we are glad to get outside after the long winter. 
The air smells so fresh in the spring. 
My mother always tells me not to track mud into the house. 
It’s very muddy in our yard in the springtime. 
I wipe my muddy feet before I go into the house. 
There are a lot of puddles in my yard. 
I sometimes splash in the puddles, and I get wet and cold, so I have to go into the house. 
I like it when the snow has melted, the rain has stopped, and the sun comes out. 
On sunny days I always get together with my friends. 
On those days we either ride our bikes or play ball. 
My parents like to go for walks on spring evenings. 
They also like to clean up the yard in the spring. 
Everyone seems to be outside. 
The springtime brings people out of their houses.

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English Listening for Beginners

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