Lesson 40 – Wild Animals

Some animals are wild.
They don’t live in homes or cages.
They live in jungles or on plains.
The lion is the king of the beasts.
He is very mighty.
He roars loudly.
The giraffe has a long neck.
He eats leaves from the tallest trees.
The elephant is very large.
He has a trunk and two tusks.
A tiger has stripes.
Some bears are black, and some are brown.
There are even white bears called polar bears.
A kangaroo lives in Australia.
That is the only place that you would find a kangaroo, except in a zoo.
It might be frightening to run into a wolf or a fox.
Monkeys run and play in the trees.
In Canada, we don’t see lions, tigers, giraffes or monkeys running wild.
There are squirrels in my back yard.
Sometimes, I see a raccoon or a chipmunk.
In northern Ontario, you might see a moose or a bear.
I have seen a deer in the forest.
There are many wild animals.
You can see wild animals if you go to the zoo.
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