Easy English listening Lesson 12 – Cleaning Up Leaves

The leaves are changing colours.
I see red maple leaves.
I see orange maple leaves.
I see yellow maple leaves.
The leaves are beautiful.
It is starting to get cold.
The wind is strong.
Winter is coming.
The leaves fall off the trees.
On Saturday we will clean them up.
The whole family helps.
My Dad gets the rake.
My Mom gets the garbage bags.
My brother and I help too.
We gather leaves with our hands.
We make a big pile.
My brother and I jump in the leaves.
We make a big mess.
Our parents don’t mind.
Our parents fill our coats with leaves.
We look really big.
Everyone laughs.
Play time is over.
Back to work.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. What is happening to the leaves mentioned in the paragraph?
  2. What colors do the maple leaves change to?
  3. What season is approaching in the paragraph?
  4. What will the family do on Saturday?
  5. Who helps in cleaning up the leaves?
  6. What tools do the parents use to clean up the leaves?
  7. How do the children gather the leaves?
  8. What do the children do with the gathered leaves?
  9. What do the parents do to the children during leaf gathering?
  10. What happens after playtime is over?

Please comment your answers!

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