Easy English listening Lesson 13 – Susan’s Wedding Day

Susan is getting married.
Her fiancee’s name is Michael.
They are in love.
They are getting married today.
Susan wakes up early.
She is getting her hair done.
Susan is having her make up done too.
Susan looks beautiful.
She puts on her white wedding dress.
She puts on her veil.
Susan needs something blue.
Her garter is blue.
Susan needs something old.
Her grandmother’s ring is old.
Susan needs something borrowed.
She is wearing her mother’s jewellery.
Susan needs something new.
Her shoes and dress are new.
Susan needs a penny for her shoe.
It will bring her good luck.
Susan is ready to get married.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. Who is Susan marrying?
  2. What is Susan doing early in the morning on her wedding day?
  3. What is Susan getting done to her hair and makeup?
  4. How does Susan look in her wedding dress?
  5. What are the elements Susan incorporates for good luck according to the tradition?
  6. What is the color of Susan’s garter?
  7. What item of her grandmother’s is Susan wearing as something old?
  8. Whose jewelry is Susan wearing as something borrowed?
  9. What are the qualities of Susan’s dress and shoes?
  10. Why does Susan need a penny for her shoe?

Please comment your answers!

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