Easy English listening Lesson 14 – Remembrance Day

My grandfather fought in World War II.
My grandmother was a nurse in World War II.
Today is November 11th.
Today is Remembrance Day.
Today we celebrate soldiers.
Everyone wears a poppy.
Poppies are red flowers.
Poppies remind me of my grandparents.
Poppies remind me of their sacrifice.
At 11:00 AM there are two minutes of silence.
People remember their friends and family.
People recite the poem “In Flanders Field.”
It is a sad poem.
It helps us remember.
Today we wish for peace in the world.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. What did the speaker’s grandfather do during World War II?
  2. What was the role of the speaker’s grandmother during World War II?
  3. What is celebrated on November 11th?
  4. Why do people wear poppies on Remembrance Day?
  5. What do poppies remind the speaker of?
  6. What happens at 11:00 AM on Remembrance Day?
  7. What is the significance of the poem “In Flanders Field”?
  8. How does the speaker describe the poem “In Flanders Field”?
  9. What is the purpose of the two minutes of silence on Remembrance Day?
  10. What is the sentiment expressed at the end of the paragraph regarding world peace?

Please comment your answers!

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