365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 8

282 That’s just what I was thinking.
283 That’s life.
284 That’s more like it.
285 That’s not a problem.
286 That’s not true.
287 That’s OK.
288 That’s ridiculous.
289 That’s the way I look at it, too.
290 That’s the way it is.
291 That’s worthwhile.
292 The same to you.
293 The shortest answer is doing.
294 The sooner, the better.
295 There is a call for you.
296 There is no doubt about it.
297 There is nothing I can do.
298 There’s a possibility.
299 These things happen all the time.
300 This soup tastes great.
301 Time is money.
302 Tomorrow never comes.
303 Two heads are better than one.
304 We are in the same boat.
305 We can get by.
306 We can work it out.
307 We have a lot in common.
308 We’ll see.
309 What a coincidence.
310 What a shame.
311 What are you up to?
312 What are you talking a bout?
313 What are your plans for the weekend?

365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 9 

List Of 365 Common English Sentences

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