Fot Meaning – What Does Fot Mean?

The expression “fot” is a common web slang term that is utilized in online conversation. The article underneath will exhibit this term and give you its meaning, origin, and some other implications of the term if there are any accessible.

Moreover, there are some examples so you can perceive how to appropriately utilize this web slang in a discussion. You also see a few phrases that you can say to convey a similar meaning.

Fot Meaning - What Does Fot Mean?

What does “fot” mean?

Combining two words that already exist is a common way to make an internet slang term. This way could render a new creative term. “Fot” is a typical example of this combination. This abbreviation is the combination between two words “fat” and “hot” to depict a female who might be overweight however is still alluring.

“Fot”- Origin

Actually, there is no particular data accessible in regards to the beginning of “fot.” Some suppose that like most internet slang terms, somebody matched these two words together one day since they figured it would sound cool.

Others doubtlessly thought so as well and afterward, the utilization of the term got on until it started to be generally acknowledged and utilized widely. This is the case in regards to most web slang and even slang that existed before the web.

Fot other meaning

There could be no different implications for the slang term “fot.” However, people have additionally used it ordinarily as an abbreviation to address different expressions and associations. A portion of these abbreviations addressed by “FOT” are Fountain of Tears, Friends of Tom, Foreskins on Toast, and Fallout Tactics.

Fot examples

Example: An online conversation of two friend

A: I’m very excited after coming back to school.

B: Me too. Ah, did you see Mary?

A: She seems to put on a little bit of weight, but she is still beautiful.

B: She is fot.

Fot synonyms

There are some alternative phrases that you can use to replace “fot” without changing the meaning.

  • chubby and still cute as hell
  • fat and still hot
  • overweight and still attractive
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