Learn English Conversation Lesson 8 – Location

Learn English Conversation Lesson 8 – LocationPin

PART 1: 

Edward: Where is the school?
Diana: It’s between the library and the park.
Edward: Where is the post office?
Diana: It’s across from the movie theater.
Edward: Where is the royal bank?
Diana: It’s next to the supermarket.
Edward: Where is the gas station.
Diana: It’s around the corner from the church.
Edward: Where is the barbershop?
Diana: It’s near the bus station.

PART 2: 

Scott: Excuse me?
Can you tell me the way to the nearest bank?
Ann: Yes, it’s on Geneva Street. As a matter of fact, I am going that way myself.
So if you come with me, I will show you.
Scott: Thanks very much.
Ann: You are welcome.




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