Easy English listening Lesson 85 – Food

What kinds of food do you like to eat? 
I am lucky, because in Canada there are many foods to choose from. 
I like to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and steak. 
These are all meat products. 
I also like cheese, ice cream and yogurt. 
These are all dairy products. 
I like vegetables. 
My favorite vegetables are broccoli, cabbage, carrots and peas. 
I eat a lot of fruit. 
I eat whichever fruit is in season. 
In strawberry season, I eat a lot of strawberries. 
In peach season, I eat many peaches. 
Sometimes, my mother will make a peach pie. 
Many different crops grow in Canada. 
We have many orchards and farms. 
Fresh fruit and vegetables are plentiful in Canada. 
Meat and fish are also plentiful here. 
In Canada, we have a lot of different foods to choose from. 
In my city, there are a lot of Italian restaurants. 
My favorite food at the Italian restaurant is pizza. 
My parents would rather have spaghetti or lasagne. 
There are Greek restaurants, Mexican restaurants and Chinese restaurants; in fact, there are restaurants from most cultures. 
I can go around from restaurant to restaurant and pretend that I am traveling the world and trying all the different foods from around the world. 
Sometimes I eat things that aren’t good for me. 
I eat potato chips and candies. 
These foods aren’t part of a nutritious diet, but they are fun to eat.

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