Easy English listening Lesson 60 – My Cat

I got my cat when she was just a tiny kitten. 
I named her Puff because her fur is soft and fluffy. 
She has white fur, but her tail, paws and ears are black. 
She has a little pink nose and yellow eyes. 
She says “meow” whenever she wants a bowl of milk. 
I feed her cat food and treats. 
She washes her face with her paw when she is finished eating. 
My whole family loves her, and we can tell that she loves us. 
She loves to curl up in our laps. 
She purrs whenever we pet her. 
She is very playful. 
We sometimes roll up a piece of paper and throw it to her. 
She loves to chase the paper and hit it with her paws. 
She also chases bugs. 
Last night she chased a spider, but she was afraid to touch it. 
At night she curls up in my bed with me. 
She likes to be warm. 
I have given her a blanket of her own, but when I put her on it her tail twitches. 
Her tail twitches whenever she is upset or angry. 
I know that she doesn’t want to be on her blanket. 
She wants to be in my bed. 
I let her into my bed, and she falls asleep purring loudly.

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Pikalova Milena

Could you please send me all these conversations? i would be so grateful