Easy English listening Lesson 44 – Fruit

Some fruit grows on trees. 
Apples grow on trees. 
You can get red, yellow or green apples. 
Some apples are green until they ripen; then they turn red. 
Peaches grow on trees. 
Peaches have a fuzzy skin. 
Cherries grow on trees. 
You can climb a ladder and pick cherries from the tree. 
Cherries and peaches have pits inside them. 
The pits are not edible. 
Pears also grow on trees. 
Lemons grow on trees. 
They are very sour. 
Have you ever picked strawberries? 
Strawberries do not grow on trees. 
You have to bend down to pick strawberries. 
Have you ever tried strawberry shortcake? It is very good. 
Grapes grow on vines. 
People use grapes to make wine. 
There are many types of berries. 
There are blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries, just to name a few. 
Some fruits are more exotic. 
There are mangos and papayas. They don’t grow in Canada. 
Bananas and oranges don’t grow in a Canadian climate either, but we are able to buy them here. 
Some fruits have to be peeled, and some can be eaten as they are. 
It is always a good idea to wash fruit before you eat it. 
The farmers spray the crops with pesticides to kill bugs, so it is good to wash that off.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. What is a common characteristic of fruit mentioned in the paragraphs?

  2. Which fruits specifically grow on trees?

  3. What are the different colors of apples, and how does the color change during ripening?

  4. How is the skin of peaches described, and what is notable about cherries in terms of harvesting?

  5. What do cherries and peaches have inside them, and is it safe to eat that part?

  6. Can you name a fruit with a fuzzy skin, and what is mentioned about lemons in terms of taste?

  7. How is picking strawberries different from picking fruit that grows on trees?

  8. What dessert is associated with strawberries, and how is it described?

  9. Where do grapes grow, and what common product is made from grapes?

  10. Why is it advised to wash fruit before eating it, and what is mentioned about pesticides in connection with crops?

Please comment your answers!

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