Words That Start With N | 100 Words Start with Letter N

Words That Start With N

The famous linguist D. A. Wilkins once said that “Without grammar, very little can be conveyed; without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed.” Indeed, vocabulary is considered to be the beginning of all foreign language learning and determines the success of learners. Therefore, in order for our process of studying English to be really effective and highly applicable, learners themselves must understand the importance of vocabulary.

The 100 most common English words that start with N. In this lesson, we are going to take a look at an ultimate list of words that start with N.

As vocabulary plays a key role in studying English, the more vocabulary you have, the better your English becomes. For this reason, Learn English In A Fun Way has made lists of common English words so that you can practice with them every day. Today’s post will be words that start with N. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Words That Start With N

Words That Start With N


1 Nail
I found a nail sticking in the tyre.
2 Naked
They found him half naked and bleeding to death.
3 Name
Shall I add your name to the list?
4 Named
There’s nobody named Bob Hope here.
5 Namely
Only one boy was absent, namely Harry.
6 Namesake
But hardly for his present namesake.
7 Naming
My mother insisted on naming me Horace.
8 Narrative
Sloan began his narrative with the day of the murder.
9 Narrow
They rode along narrow country lanes.
10 Narrower
This is clearly narrower than property damage.
11 Narrowly
One car narrowly missed hitting the other one.
12 Nascent
Delwyn Pepper, nascent tyrant, was voted treasurer.
13 Nasty
The press have been very nasty about him.
14 Nation
Class differences can divide a nation.
15 National
The National Gallery mounted an exhibition of Danish painting.
16 Nationalist
Nationalist parties united to oppose the government’s plans.
17 Nationally
The president’s popularity nationally is at an all-time low.
18 Nationals
UK nationals get the vote at 18.
19 Nationwide
This is a nationwide campaign to recruit women into trade unions.
20 Native
The native population was subjugated and exploited.
21 Natively
I love follow decimally contact with most natively.
22 Natural
Our skin cream contains only natural ingredients.
23 Naturally
Oil is refined to remove naturally occurring impurities.
24 Nature
Nature does not provide everything we want.
25 Nautical
The museum houses a fascinating miscellany of nautical treasures.
26 Naval
He is a retired naval officer.
27 Navigate
Sailors have special equipment to help them navigate.
28 Navigation
Navigation is difficult on this river because of hidden rocks.
29 Navy
Is your brother still in the navy?
30 Near
There is a bush near the school playground.
31 Nearby
Her partially clothed body was found in woods nearby.
32 Nearest
The farthest way about is the nearest way home.
33 Nearing
She is a woman nearing forty.
34 Nearly
Nearly all the tractors operate on diesel oil.
35 Neat
She always kept her room neat.
36 Neatly
He neatly aligned the flower-pots on the window-sill.
37 Necessarily
That is not necessarily true.
38 Necessary
It is necessary to keep these two issues distinct.
39 Necessity
She saw books as a necessity, not a luxury.
40 Neck
The back of my neck throbbed painfully.
41 Need
We need to assess the impact on climate change.
42 Needle
The needle on the rev counter soared.
43 Nefarious
He is a nefarious murderer.
44 Negative
She answered the question in the negative.
45 Negatively
Thinking negatively can become a habit .
46 Negligence
He threatened to sue the company for negligence.
47 Negligent
She wrote him down as negligent.
48 Negotiate
Attempts to negotiate peace ended in armed revolt.
49 Negotiation
These proposals represent a realistic starting point for negotiation.
50 Negotiator
He is a negotiator of considerable skill.
51 Neighbor
I caught a glimpse of our new neighbor.
52 Neighborhood
He lives somewhere in the neighborhood of the station.
53 Neighboring
Consonants are frequently assimilated to neighboring consonants.
54 Neither
Neither the driver nor the passengers were hurt.
55 Nephew
He was a nephew of my friend.
56 Nerds
I’m not some kind of nerd, I’m the king of nerds.
57 Nerve
You have a lot of nerve.
58 Nervous
I was too nervous to eat.
59 Nest
The cuckoo lays her egg in another bird’s nest.
60 Network
A network of railways has spread over the province.
61 Neural
Neural networks can learn solutions to difficult problems.
62 Neurons
On the other hand, the brain is comprised of ten billion or so neurons.
63 Neutral
Journalists are supposed to be politically neutral.
64 Neutrality
They have been violently advocating neutrality.
65 Never
Hard work never did anyone any harm.
66 Nevertheless
He was very tired; nevertheless he went on walking.
67 Newborn
He cuddled the newborn girl.
68 Newer
He wanted to trade up to a newer car.
69 Newest
Their newest truck was spec’d by a computer.
70 Newfound
She savored her newfound freedom.
71 Newly
She’s revelling in her newly found freedom.
72 News
This news was of little consolation to us.
73 Newspaper
An article in the newspaper caught my attention.
74 Next
How soon is the next bus to Narita?
75 Nice
She’s a really nice woman.
76 Nicely
We are bumming along the road nicely.
77 Niche
He had found his own little niche in life.
78 Nickel
Nickel can be used for making coins.
79 Nickname
Red got his nickname for his red hair.
80 Nicknamed
Which newspaper was once nicknamed The Thunderer?
81 Nifty
Bridgeport was a pretty nifty place.
82 Night
We’re as different as night and day.
83 Nightmare
It was unreal. Like some crazy childhood nightmare.
84 Nighttime
The nighttime cold had a new bite.
85 Nimble
Everything had been stitched by Molly’s nimble fingers.
86 Nine
Nine cases are still pending.
87 Ninth
Billy is in the ninth grade.
88 Nitrogen
Nitrogen forms four-fifths of the atmosphere.
89 Nobody
Several people were passing but nobody offered to help.
90 Node
Each node is given a pointer to its parent.
91 Noise
The noise awoke me from my sleep.
92 Noisy
We are averse to such noisy surroundings.
93 Nominal
The shares were sold for well below their nominal value.
94 Nomination
She is standing for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.
95 Nominee
Elma was the nominee for Treasurer.
96 None
We saw several houses but none we really liked.
97 Nonetheless
Though he’s fool, I like him nonetheless.
98 Nonexistent
On a Sunday morning traffic was almost nonexistent.
99 Nonpartisan
Bipartisan is altogether different from nonpartisan.
100 Nonprofit
A nonprofit library maintained for public use.

Above is the list of the most frequently used English words that start with N. For more lists of vocabulary, enter our website and there always remain interesting pieces of knowledge relating to studying English for you to read.

There are many different ways for you guys to memorize these English words. Learning vocabulary does not necessarily mean that you sit at the table and study seriously. Instead, you can learn to play, play to learn. While having fun, you can still memorize English vocabulary effectively. You also can read books or read English stories, listen to music or watch English movies. You can also participate in exhibitions, seminars, art shows, etc. organized by foreigners.

Wish you always maintain your interest in English and soon have a huge range of vocabulary. Thank you for learning the lesson words that start with N and see you in the next writing!

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