Easy English listening Lesson 95 – Homework

Sometimes, my teacher gives us homework.
I don’t mind doing my homework except when the weather is really nice, and all my friends are outside.
On those nights, I’d rather be outside with them, so I try to get my homework done quickly.
Tonight, I have some English homework.
We have been reading a book.
We have to read a chapter of the book and answer the questions at the end of the chapter.
It is an interesting book, so the homework for this is quite easy.
My math homework is not so easy.
I have to do some addition and subtraction.
I don’t mind that, but there are some problems that need to be solved.
The problems involve addition, subtraction and multiplication.
I am not too good with numbers.
I need to work harder on my math.
I just finished a project for history.
I had to make a map of Canada with diagrams showing the routes of all the explorers.
It was an interesting project because I have been to some of the places that the explorers went to.
I don’t have any science homework.
At school, we are growing bean plants.
We go in every day and see how the plants have grown.
We write down all the changes that occur in the plant every day.
The only other homework that I have is geography.
I have a map of Canada, and I have to write the names of all the provinces and their capitals on it.
It won’t take me long to do that because I know all the provinces.
When my homework is all done, I will go outside and play ball with my friends until it is time to come in.
I am a good student.
I get good marks because I like school.
My favorite subjects are physical education, English and history.
Math is my least favorite subject, but I’m trying to improve my marks in that.

Lesson 96 – Opposites

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