Loli – Loli Meaning- What Does Loli Mean?

Loli Meaning: What Does “Loli” Stand For?

Have you ever wonder what the slang term “Loli” used by anime fans mean? If you are not a huge fan of anime, but still curious about this term, this page is the right place to find the definition of “Loli”.

On this page, not only will you find the definition of “Loli”, but you will also be provided with its origin and other extremely helpful information and examples if possible. Also, you will have a chance to understand the slang term better by discovering some synonymous words or phrases. In this way, you can use different expressions to convey the meaning of the term if you want to.

What is the definition of “Loli”?

In general, this term refers to young girls, usually underage ones whose appearance is minor and childlike. It comes from the Japanese book “Lolita” written by Vladimir Nabokov, used to talk about girls who have not reached 18. In fact, many “loli” girls are adults as long as they have childlike look and dress lovely.

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Origin of the slang term “Loli”

As mentioned above, this term originates from anime since there have been many cultures that came into action in Japan. Most importantly, these are typically young girls having baby-like big eyes, a chubby face and a small body figure. As a result, if you have watched any hentai anime, you will see loli girls with an innocent and adorable look. Moreover, people used the term “Lolicon” to express those who are sexually obsessed with “loli” girls.

Other Definitions

Unfortunately, there are currently no other definitions for this slang term.

Conversation Examples

A conversation between A and B.

  • A: We have to take Meanie to Zara.
  • B: What’s wrong with Meanie?
  • AShe’s dressing like a real loli. She has to get rid of that.
  • BA “loli” what?
  • AMeaning she’s dressing like a five-year-old girl.


Many synonymous words can be used to replace the word “Loli” to express the same thing. Some of them include:

  • Underage girl
  • Sweet young girl
  • Lolita girl
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