Lesson 49 – Differences

Are you tall or short? 
Are you big or small? 
People come in many different shapes and sizes. 
Some people wear size small clothes. 
Other people wear size medium clothes. 
There are people who wear large size clothes. 
Some people even wear extra large clothes. 
Some people are thin. 
Some people are fat. 
Some people are in between. 
There are people with short hair. 
Other people have long hair. 
Some people have no hair at all. 
No two people are exactly alike. 
Some people have long legs. 
I have short legs. 
I don’t walk as fast as a person with long legs. 
I am not a tall person. 
In fact, I am quite short. 
My feet are a size seven. 
My mother has size five feet. 
My father has size twelve feet. 
We are all different sizes. 
It is not a bad thing. 
It is a good thing that we are all unique.
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