Easy English listening Lesson 27 – International Students

We have many international students at my school.
Some of the students come from England.
They speak English, but they have an accent that is different from a Canadian accent.
Many students are from Japan.
They are learning our language and our customs.
We have students from Germany, Italy, China, Korea and Iran.
We try to make those students feel welcome here.
The students like to see what is here.
They go sightseeing.
They visit all the places that the tourists like to go to.
Niagara Falls and Toronto are interesting places to visit.
The students practice their English by talking to Canadians.
When they first get here, we show them around.
They do many exercises to learn the language.
They listen to English songs.
They read story books that are written in English.
They listen to English language tapes.
The best way to learn the language is to talk to other people.
It is good to ask questions in English.
Canadians try to be helpful to international students.
Some of the international students live with host families.
The host families have the students living in their homes.
It is a good way for the host families and the students to make friends.
Many of the international students stay in contact with their friends and host families even after they have gone back to their homelands.
The international students learn a lot from their host families because they eat Canadian foods, and they learn what it is like to live in a Canadian household.

Exercise for this lesson:

  1. What is the composition of international students at the author’s school?
  2. Which countries do the international students in the paragraph come from?
  3. How do the English students’ accents differ from a Canadian accent?
  4. What activities do international students engage in to practice English?
  5. What places do the students like to visit for sightseeing?
  6. What methods do the international students use to learn the English language?
  7. How do Canadians try to help international students with their language learning?
  8. What is the role of host families for some international students?
  9. How do international students stay in contact with their friends and host families after returning home?
  10. What do international students learn from their host families, and why is it beneficial for them?

Please comment your answers!

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