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How To Learn English Step By Step

How to learn English step by step.

First of all, it’s good to know that learning English is a journey and it doesn’t really end. It’s something that starts and you keep learning and keep learning. Think about your all language, you all always learn new vocabulary and new things. So you have to have this idea in your head that learning English is a lifelong learning thing. It’s not something you achieve and then you finish with. It is something that you can always enjoy and always keep learning.

how to learn English step by step

how to learn English step by step

You just need to follow these 2 things:

  1. Study and Practice
  2. Keep going

So it is actually quite simple. You need to learn English every day and practice. And you need to keep going and keep persisting, keep trying. And eventually, over time, you will make progress and improve your English skills.

Make Learning English a Habit

It’s important to be exposed to many different areas every day. However, you shouldn’t try to study English too many different subjects. These suggestions take a short listening and reading English as the basis for daily practice. You are trying to learn many new things, so don’t try to learn too much in any one area too quickly!

Let’s look at the English skills

We have four skills when you’re learning English: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. And then there’s also the knowledge parts of the things you need to learn, which are grammar and vocabulary. 

So these are the English skills you need to practice. It’s not enough to just watch Youtube videos about speaking or reading or something like that. You need to actually practice these English skills.

listening, speaking, reading, and writing English

listening, speaking, reading, and writing English

Step 1: Ask yourself these questions?

Why are you learning English?

  • Is it to travel?
  • Is it to further your career? 
  • Is it to get a job? 

This is very important. Because each of these is different, right? You need to practice the different skills for your own personal reason.

I learn English often to just travel and communicate with people. So for me, speaking and listening are more important. I don’t need to practice writing because it’s not important for me. But maybe you want to further your career. And in that case, writing could be very important. Writing emails, for example, could be a very important part of your learning English journey. And to get a job to write that would also include filling in your LinkedIn profile or something like that, and trying to get good at expressing yourself in English.

How do you like learning English?

Because different people learn in different ways. Are you a visual learner? Do you need to actually see a picture of something to remember the word? Most people are visual learners. I think it’s about 50 or 60 percent. Some people learn hourly. They need to hear something and then they remember the new vocabulary. And there are other types like kinetic learning which you need to be moving.

Are you a social person? for some people, it’s very difficult to speak another language because they are shy and they are not confident to speak another language.  So you have to think about that. You don’t need to put yourself in this very difficult situation of speaking in front of 1000 people. If that’s not something you like doing, right?

If you are an introverted person, maybe an online class would be better than a one-on-one with a teacher.

What is my level of English?

You need to think about what is your level of English now at this point. You probably have some level of English if you are reading this article. So are you a beginner, are you an intermediate, or are you an advanced  English learner? Because what you need to do at each level is different.

Beginners, they need to study a lot of English vocabulary and pretty much do everything right? And intermediate, then you need to start with a kind of a lot of English grammar and practice the grammar and make sure that you are putting the grammar into practice, including the skills of speaking and writing and practicing all of those things. And then when you become more advanced, it is really about practicing a lot of the scales of course, but then English speaking and writing becomes more important.

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

What are your strengths? Maybe you are good at grammar, then you don’t need to practice that as much. And maybe you’re weak at listening and speaking. So in that case, you need to practice pronunciation, speaking, and listening to English a lot. Try to start conversations with people. Try to do something that will improve your speaking skills.

Or maybe you are weak at writing. A lot of people kind of forget about writing and they don’t like doing the writing. So you need to start something and do something to practice your writing. That could be writing two paragraphs about your job or your interests or writing a song or writing a diary.

Learn English level

Learn English level

Step 2: Make a plan to learn English step by step

Make a study plan so that you know what you are going to study every day. That’s is a great way to make sure that you can make progress. So on Monday, I know I’m going to study this certain topic. And every Sunday, you can make a plan for the whole of the following week.

I just made a sample study English plan and something that you can use.

Listen to English – 10 Minutes

There are a number of beginning-level English listening selections that you can use on this link. Books written for children are also a great idea. Here are some suggestions for free children’s books that you can listen to.

Read English – 10 Minutes

Choose an English subject you like to read about and read for fun. You can find beginning-level reading here on this link.

Improve your English Vocabulary 5 Minutes

Take five minutes to write down all the new words you find in your listening and reading exercises. Keep a notebook, and write in the translation in your native language.

Learn English Grammar – 10 Minutes

Think about what you are studying in English class (if you are taking it). Or, if you are studying by yourself, take out your grammar book and find one grammar point to review. You can also use the beginner grammar resources at this link. Take a quick look at the grammar and then think about the listening and your reading. Did you hear or read these forms? How were they used?

Speaking English – 5 Minutes

It is very important to move your mouth and speak! Even if you only speak to yourself. Take five minutes and speak out loud (not silently). Try to quickly summarize what you listened to and what you read. Can you do it? Of course, it’s better if you can do this with a friend. Find a friend and study together a few times a week. You can practice together.

That’s it! Approximately thirty minutes a day, every day – or at least four times a week! If you continue to do this, you will be surprised at how quickly your English improves!

Plan To Learn English Step By Step

Plan To Learn English Step By Step

Step 3: Learn English step by step Every day

So you have your plan now and you need to practice. You need to do this every day. It’s good to take about three months with this plan that you have. At least Monday to Friday, you can take the weekend off if you want. Now is the time to practice your English every day. And also you need to study more the higher the level you are.

You find that at the beginning when you are learning English, you only need to start to study for  20 or 30 minutes then your brain is very tired. But the more, the higher the level that you get then the more you need to study.

You also need to think about when you don’t want to learn English because there will be some days you’re like no, I don’t want to learn English anymore. You need to prepare for the days that you don’t want to study English. So what can you do? Well, I would say one option is to book an English class. If you book a class for every Friday, for example then you have to attend the class, right? Because you paid for the class. And then no matter what, you have to do it.

Step 4: Check your learn English progress

You should do this after three months of hard studying English, maybe even take a break for a week and just think about how is your journey going? How are you getting on? How are you progressing?

The first thing you can do is take a level test. You can think about what worked and what didn’t work, and make a new list of English topics. So depending on your level hopefully you have increased your level. And decide on new ways to practice and congratulate yourself.

Find new ways to learn and practice English. Use music, radio, journal, and write a short story.

The English learning plateau. The more you progress in English, the less obvious it is that you are progressing.  In the beginning seems like, wow, this is amazing. I’m getting very well, I can speak a little bit, I’m having a conversation. You make a lot of progress at the beginning. But then you kind of plateau. So it’s really important to keep pushing, keep going at that point.

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