365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 2

40 Don’t bother.
41 Don’t get me wrong.
42 Don’t give up.
43 Don’t jump to conclusions.
44 Don’t let me down.
45 Don’t make any mistakes.
46 Don’t mention it.
47 Don’t miss the boat.
48 Don’t take any chances.
49 Don’t take it for granted.
50 Don’t worry about it.
51 Easy come, easy go.
52 Enjoy your meal.
53 Easier said than done.
54 First come, first served.
55 For here or to go?
56 Forget it.
57 Forgive me.
58 Give me a call.
59 Give my best to your family.
60 Have him return my call.
61 Have you ever been to Japan?
62 Have you finished yet?
63 Have you got anything larger?
64 Have you got that?
65 Have you heard from Mary?
66 He is in conference.
67 Help yourself, please.
68 Hold your horses.
69 How can I get in touch with you?
70 How do I look?
71 How is it going?
72 How late are you open?
73 How long did it last?
74 How long will it take me to get there?
75 How much is it?
76 How often do you eat out?
77 I apologize.
78 I appreciate your invitation.

365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 3

List Of 365 Common English Sentences

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