KIK Meaning – What Does KIK Mean?

Do you know what “KIK” means? In this article, you will find information about its meaning, usage, and examples to use in conversation.

KIK Meaning - What Does KIK Mean?

What does KIK mean?

This acronym usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category, particularly in modern slang abbreviations.

The term “KIK” is simply ‘lol’ being mistyped. When you notice your keyboard, you will discover ‘lol’ directly adjacent to “KIK” and can undoubtedly be hit all things considered. ‘Lol’ stands for “Laughing out loud”, and many people will say it’s anything but a hurry in the case that they are busy and type  “KIK”.

“KIK” is also known as a smartphone app that people can send text, pictures, or video messages. This app allows anonymous users since it doesn’t require phone numbers or any personal information.


KIK Meaning - What Does KIK Mean?


Example 1: An online talk between two Twitter users


User 1: Baby, this morning because I hurry, I wear shoes without socks.

User 2: kik


User 1:???

User 2: I mean lol. I mistyped.

Example 2: A conversation between two friends

           A: Are you free?

           B: Yes, what’s wrong?

           A: I need you to help me choose clothes for my date. Do you think my red shoes will go with the black dress?

           B: kik. They don’t match with each other.

           A: kik? What do you mean?

           B: Sorry, I missed the keys in a hurry. It’s lol.


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