Whomst’d’ve Meaning – What Does Whomst’d’ve Mean?

“Whomst’d’ve” Definition: What does the useful slang word “Whomst’d’ve” mean?

What does “whomst’d’ve” mean? If it sounds like a ridiculous word, you’re right. But even if it’s configured, it still makes sense. Here you will find the meaning of this term, the history of its origin, and some alternative meanings, if any. There are also examples of correct conversations using Internet slang terminology to help you better understand. There are also synonyms that replace this word in a conversation and convey the same meaning at the same time.

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Meaning of Whomst’d’ve

What does Whomst’d’ve stand for? 

This jargon is a term coined by internet users and means whom/whoms/whomst did or have. They are made up of words used to refer to superior intelligence ironically as a joke.

Who – The unknown subject of a sentence. “Who gave him?”

Whom – The unknown object of a sentence. “He gave whom?”

Whomst – A fancy word for who (could also be used as a plural). “Ye whomst doth say thine prayers art goodeth in the name of thy Lord”

Whomst’d – The unknown(s) who(mst) did something in the past, where ‘d = had. “He whomst’d stolen my socks”

Whomst’d’ve – The unknown(s) who(mst) would have done something (‘d = would, ‘ve = have). “Those whomst’d’ve robbed me shall suffer!”

Example:Whomst’d’ve caught me in the act? I think I covered myself well enough.”

(This person implies that he/she has done something bad, but he/she has covered it successfully. Therefore, no one could have caught him/her.)

Whomst’d’ve: Where does it come from?

The origin of this phrase is quite new. In 2016, internet users uploaded the definition of the fake word “whomst” to their website and defined it as a smarter way to ask “who” or “whom”. But ironically, this is not an intellectual word, because most people know the term “whomst” isn’t even a real word. The term was used in memes circulating on the internet and was eventually added in 2017 as the term above. The contraction “’d’ve” normally stands for “would have.”

The main message of the meme is to entertain the community where members take pride in their intelligence and use the official recording. These are often people changing the use of other people’s languages ​​on social media platforms that are not written for one language as a cohesive essay, like Twitter or YouTube.

Other variants of Whomst’d’ve

One superior variant of the term “whomst’d’ve” is “whomst’d’ve’ly’yaint’nt’ed’ies’s’y’es”.


Guy 1: Hey man, can you tell me whomst’d’ve‘ly’yaint’nt’ed’ies’s’y’es took my shit?

Guy 2: …What?

(Guy 1 wanted to ask who had taken his shirt.)

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Real-life examples in conversations

Two brothers were talking together

Brother 1: Whomst’d’ve my chocolate?

Brother 2: Um … what? Isn’t that just a meaningless word?

Brother 1: Absolutely not. You just don’t have enough enlightenment to know what it is.

Brother 2: Well, really? * Frowning *

Brother 1: Okay, let me enlighten you. Who has my chocolate?

Brother 2: It’s not even correct in English, but at least I understand it. No one has your chocolate. It’s still in the fridge.

(In this example, two brothers were talking about the food in the fridge. One asked about his chocolate using the word “whomst’d’ve”, which confused the other. Later, after the “enlightenment” from brother 1, it was still not enough to convince brother 2, but at least he understood it better than before.)

Two people’ online conversation 

Guy 1: “Whomst’d’ve my other pen?”

Guy 2: “What? I can’t understand the word. Does it even exist?”

Guy 1: “Yes “

Guy 2: “No “

Guy 1: “I’ll repeat it for such an unintellectual person like you. Excuse me, do you know anyone who has had my pen?”

Guy 2: “Can you quit?”

Guy 1: “People like you need to catch up with the trends.”

(In this example, two Internet users were talking about a pen. Guy 1, apparently a Meme user, used the word Whomst’d’ve, while the other, a normal person, could not figure out what that word meant. Guy 2 was even slightly annoyed when Guy 1 referred to him as a person with little knowledge.)

More exemplary sentences:

  • Whomst’d’ve stolen my T-shirt? (= Who had stolen my T-shirt?)
  • Whomst’d’ve u talk to yesterday? (= Who did you talk to yesterday?)
  • Whomst’d’ve been here before? (= Who has been here before?)
  • Whomst’d’ve my cake? (= Who had/ate my cake?)
  • Whomst’d’ve done this to you? (= Who has done this to you?)
  • Whomst’d’ve my dog? (=Who has/keeps my dog?)
  • Whomst’d’ve the most wonderful trip ever? (=Who had the most wonderful trip ever?)
  • Guess whomst’d’ve won the game? (Guess who has won the game?)

Similar expressions to use instead of Whomst’d’ve

The only synonym that matches, in this case, is to remove the irony from the sentence and replace it with the correct English word. Other things you can say are:

  • Who had
  • Who did
  • Who has



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