POV Meaning – What Does POV Mean?

POV Meaning – What Does “POV”  Mean and Stand For?

“POV” is so familiar with people living in the US-UK. That’s why in this article, we shall provide people who haven’t got it yet and anyone interested in the term its definition, origin and even real-life examples and synonyms to help you understand it fully. Let’s get started!

POV Meaning - What Does POV Mean?

Joe and john are right, but their points of view are different. It’s for that they are disagree

What does POV stand for? 

POV stands for “point of view”.

Point of view” means one’s own way of thinking or considering something. POV can be used to speak from someone’s “point of view” in an online discussion. You can also use POV as a photo or video tag to indicate that the content was created from the creator’s perspective.


“From my POV, this house is too small” (“I think this house is too small”)

“From the POV of Americans, football is the king of sports.” (“Americans think that football is the best sports.”)

POV: Where does it come from?

Unfortunately, there is no information about the exact origin of POV, when and where it was first used, or why it was used. We only know that teenagers nowadays use it on social media and messaging. Still, it is quite easy to guess for adults based on the context.

Different usage

“POV” has several other meanings, and its usage varies from person to person. Some say it can refer to the poor. Another version of “POV” can be used when the police are talking about their own cars. In this case, it is the abbreviation for “privately owned vehicle”. Finally, “POV” was used as an acronym for “power of veto” on the Big Brother reality show, which can be used programmatically to prevent anyone from being disqualified.

A list of other things that the abbreviation POV can stand for:

Percentage of Volume (finance) Purpose of Visit (medical coding)
Personally Owned Vehicle Pissed Off Voters
Port of Vancouver (Vancouver, WA) Protection Order Violation (law)
Parliament of Victoria (Australia) Point of Value

Real-life examples in conversations

On social media

POV is often seen on social media (especially TikTok) as #pov. 

#POVs are often used to indicate when viewers should view a video meme from their own perspective. 

POV Meaning - What Does POV Mean?

Examples of #POV:

  • When Karen overheard you doing someone a favour #POV
  • #POV your kid gets body shamed at school and you show up to teach them a lesson

Two friends are chatting on Facebook

Friend A: Hey, do you wanna see the exhibit on Saturday?

Friend B: Yeah, sure.

Friend A: I heard it is about the extinction of animals.

Friend B: Really? From my POV, it is about human’s cruelty.

(In this example, two friends are talking about an exhibit. One said the topic was about animal disappearance, while the other thought it was about humans.)

More exemplary sentences

“What is the author’s POV?”

“My POV is that the movie is worth seeing.”

Other phrases with similar meaning as “From my POV”

  • from my perspective
  • in my view
  • in my opinion
  • as I see it
  • I think
  • as far as I am concerned
  • if you ask me
  • I believe that
  • it seems to me
  • from my viewpoint
  • personally
  • speaking for myself
  • I suppose
  • for me
  • the way I see it
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