Drip Meaning – What Does Drip Mean?

What is the meaning of “Drip” and how to use it in real-life conversations?

What exactly does the term “Drip” mean? Because of the advancement of electronic communication, new terminology, acronyms, and abbreviations have emerged. These words and phrases are a little more challenging to learn because they are not easily looked up in a dictionary. One of the new slang words we will learn today is “Drip.” You can find the exact definition of this slang in this article. Furthermore, this article includes the origins of the slang term “Drip” as well as several alternate meanings if they are available. This article will also provide you with valuable examples and alternative expressions to help you better understand the usage of “Drip.”

Drip Meaning - What Does Drip Mean?

“Drip” meaning

What is the meaning of “Drip”?

“Drip” is a slang concept that describes a person’s sexy or cool sense of fashion. It is a variant of “Swag” that was popularized by hip-hop culture. Basically, if someone has a drip, they have a confident, sexy, and stylish appearance.

When it is used in standard or more formal English, “drip” refers to what a small amount of fluid does when it falls. It is primarily used to represent things like “ice,” which is expensive jewelry, often with diamonds. However, it has been used as slang for decades and has become more prevalent in recent years.

Beginnings of “Drip”

“Drip” seems to be a metaphor: you appear to be dripping with money, designer clothes, or confidence. Or, as Bruno Mars sang in January 2018 on his “Finesse (Remix)” with Cardi B, “We out here drippin’ in finesse/It don’t make no sense.”

Its origins are debated, even among rappers. Most agree it began in the rap scene in the 2000s. There is some controversy about where it began geographically, with Atlanta and New Jersey being the two most commonly mentioned. The word appeared in the 2000s Atlanta rap scene, according to the hip-hop blog HipHopDX, whereas a 2018 Urban Dictionary entry makes a claim it formed in early 2010s Jersey City, New Jersey slang. However, a late-2000s teen TV show, Zoey 101, may have made famous dripping as slang for “cool.”

People started using the slang word “Drip” infrequently until around 2018, when it began to appear in an increasing number of rap and hip-hop songs, which include some of the artists who also appear on the Top 40. As a result, the term “Drip” became much more widely known.

Other Meanings of the Word “Drip”

Apart from the dictionary definition, there are a few other ways to use the term “Drip” and its different versions.

  • According to the official definition, “drip” refers to the fall of liquid. This can be repeated as if a faucet is dripping, or it can be done only once as if wax dripped from a candle onto a table.
  • The term “Dripping” is frequently used to describe when someone has an excess of something, usually of a certain quality. 
  • The term “Drip” can refer to moving slowly in tiny increments and is frequently used with time units.
  • The term “Drip” can be used as an insult to mean uninteresting, slow, or stupid.

Who can use the slang “Drip”?

Anyone can use the term drip to describe a sexy, cool style. It is more prevalent among certain age groups and rap and hip-hop audiences.

If you didn’t notice, drip is commonly utilized in people’s clothing. You wouldn’t really assume that an event was so dripping. In those cases, it is preferable to choose another slang term, such as lit.

But don’t get too caught up in yourself, or you’ll be chastised for being arrogant, stunting, or “showing off.” There is a fine line between having the drip and flexin’ too much drip.

When to use the Word “Drip”?

Remember that it is slang, so don’t use it in a formal context. It is particularly prevalent in some groups of people, and if you have heard it before, it’s usually harmless to use it with the same people.

Drip Meaning - What Does Drip Mean?

“Drip” real-life examples

  • “Dawg, that ice is drippy.”
  • “Do you like the drip?”
  • Friend 1: Did you notice that hottie?
  • Friend 2: They’re straight drippin’.
  • Friend 1: I’m suffering from a drip today.
  • Friend 2: You certainly do!
  • Friend 1: I’m completely encased in ice.
  • Friend 2: Dude, you’re dripping!

Related Slang

It is a good idea to be more straightforward in a formal context. “That person is very stylish and wearing some nice jewelry,” you could say. Speaking in this manner loses some of the meanings and so on, but it is more appropriate in a formal situation.

If you need alternatives in a casual way, this list may be helpful.

Swag Skills or style
Boss Awesome person
OG Original gangster
Baller Cool person
TC Take care
Wicked Very cool
Sick Awesome
2C Too cool
AF As f***
Bling Overly flashy jewelry
Looted Styling
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The Last Motel

Trivia : “Wicked” meaning good/great/very/cool/etc. has been used in that way for almost 400 years

Drippin Dots

“Drip” as slang used to mean the opposite: An annoying or at least woefully uninteresting person you’d prefer to not have around.
I suppose one could be both. Someone who’s drippin’ style but who is nonetheless a complete drip.