Intermediate Listening Lesson 08 – Giving a Speech

I had to give a speech last week.
I gave a speech to 300 people.
I had to speak in front of a group of students.
I had to tell them about a campaign that we were having to raise money for cancer research.
Giving a speech can be a difficult thing.
When you stand in front of a big crowd, you can get very nervous.
Some people feel like they have weak knees.
Their legs feel as if they are made of rubber.
Their heart beats very hard inside of their chest.
Their palms get sweaty.
Some people even become short of breath.
For some people, giving a speech is their worst fear.
When you give a speech, everyone is looking at you.
They’re waiting to hear what you have to say.
When you have 300 people looking at you; you have 600 eyes that are on you.
It is a little frightening when you think of it that way.
Before I give a speech, I take three big breaths.
I calm myself, and I remind myself that what I have to say is important.
I like to be sure of what I am going to say, so I practice my speech in front of a mirror at home.
I like to look like I am relaxed and friendly.
They say that practice makes perfect;
so the more speeches that you give, the better you will become at it.
Whenever I have to give a speech, I imagine that the audience is just one big person.
I look out into the audience until I find a friendly, smiling face.
I focus on that person,
and I pretend that I am just talking to them.
I have become used to giving speeches.
I am more relaxed now than I used to be.
People tell me that I do not look nervous at all.
I like to hear that.
Sometimes I do feel a little flutter of nervousness,
but I just ignore it and do the best that I can.
Giving a speech is not as scary as it appears to be.
Anyone can do it with a little practice.

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