Positive Words That Start With J

Positive thinking has many benefits, including both mental and physical aspects. While many of us believe that happiness is based on external factors, the truth is that only ourselves can create our own happiness. An optimistic life will make your everyday an inspiration. To start reaping these benefits, there are a number of ways that enable you to take the very first steps toward becoming an optimist. One of the most effective ways is to study and speak positive words.

Positive Words That Start With J

Why should we start the habit of using positive words from now on? Indeed, a list of positive words can greatly impact your thinking, change your attitude and inspire you to take actions. Beyond your imagination, by saying positive words everyday, you can gradually turn yourself from a pessimistic individual to an optimistic one. You will be able to lead a meaningful and joyful life as you always desire. Therefore, in this writing today, Learn English In A Fun Way would like to send you a list of positive words starting with J. Hope that it can make you elated, especially to those whose names starting with J!

Positive Words That Start With J

List of Positive Words That Start With J

Number Positive Words Phonetics Pronunciation
1 Jamboree Jamboree
2 Jaunty ˈʤɔnti
3 Jaw ʤɔ
4 Jazz ʤæz
5 Jest ʤɛst
6 Jesting ˈʤɛstɪŋ
7 Jewel ˈʤuəl
8 Jibe ʤaɪb
9 Jiffy ˈʤɪfi
10 Jig ʤɪg
11 Jingle ˈʤɪŋgəl
12 Jocular ˈʤɑkjələr
13 Join ʤɔɪn
14 Jointly ˈʤɔɪntli
15 Joke ʤoʊk
16 Jollify Jollify
17 Jolly ˈʤɑli
18 Josh ʤɑʃ
19 Journal ˈʤɜrnəl
20 Journey ˈʤɜrni
21 Jovial ˈʤoʊviəl
22 Joy ʤɔɪ
23 Joyful ˈʤɔɪfəl
24 Joyfully ˈʤɔɪfəli
25 Joyous ˈʤɔɪəs
26 Joyously ˈʤɔɪəsli
27 Jubilant ˈʤubələnt
28 Jubilantly ˈʤubələntli
29 Jubilate ˌʤubəˈleɪti
30 Jubilation ˌʤubəˈleɪʃən
31 Jubilee ˈʤubəˌli
32 Jubiliant Jubiliant
33 Judicious ʤuˈdɪʃəs
34 Juggler ˈʤʌgələr
35 Juggling ˈʤʌgəlɪŋ
36 Juicy ˈʤusi
37 Jump ʤʌmp
38 Jumpstart ˈʤʌmpˌstɑrt
39 Just ʤʌst
40 Justice ˈʤʌstəs
41 Justified ˈʤʌstəˌfaɪd
42 Justify ˈʤʌstəˌfaɪ
43 Justly ˈʤʌstli
44 Juxtapose ˌʤʌkstəˈpoʊz

Above-mentioned is the list of positive words that start with J, which is also a tool that can empower you to lead your own life. Of course, life is never an easy journey; instead, it is always full of hardships and difficulties. Sometimes, we want to cry, we want to give up and we even want to die. However, that’s reason why we are here. We are born in our life to be given the lemons. What we should do is to stay optimistic and make lemonade with those lemons, right? Therefore, from now on, try to choose optimism to deal with our life. Keep practicing those positive words and you can do that! Use them in daily conversations to spread positive energy with people around you! Thank you for reading and see you in the next writing!

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