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How To Learn English Quickly

Many students delay learning English because of different reasons: they are lazy, they find it challenging to master because there are too many skills to learn, etc., and find themselves in a mess when it is several days until their mid-term or final exams. In that case, they can only cram unless they are willing to get bad grades. However, if you are not sitting an exam in several days to come, I can help you learn English quickly while maintaining a trouble-free mind. Don’t you believe me? Then, let’s go and check how I can assist you in making the impossible possible.

1.Understand why you should learn English.

Some of you may be surprised the very first solution is not the “what” question (What should I learn: grammar, vocabulary, etc.?) or the “how” question (How can I learn English effectively?) but the “why” question (Why learning English is good for you?). It is because everyone should find motivation in everything they do, not only in pursuing English, to achieve the best results. Indeed, when you are under the impression that learning English helps you to get a good job, travel, or stay ahead of your friends who are making no efforts, etc., you will procrastinate less. A lot of people do not identify the reasons why they should learn English at the beginning, and put it off time and again, thus making no progress in the long run. So, make sure you understand yourself and know why English is important to you so that you can have clear intentions as regards your English learning routine.
Also bear in mind that vague goals such as “I want to speak English fluently” or “I want to be good at English” will do you more harm than good. Your targets should be more specific: “I want to communicate in English fluently in eight months” or “I have to get 7.5 IELTS within one year”. They will act as an encouragement for you to try your best because you only have limited time to do it.

How To Learn English Quickly

2.Select learning resources that are QUITE challenging.

You should choose resources that are one level higher than yours. For example, if you are low intermediate, you should push your boundaries a little by getting used to intermediate exercises, which make you feel excited and want to conquer them. When you accomplished that goal, move on to the pre-advanced level, and you won’t easily be bored because there are always new words or grammar, which are a little more difficult for you to look up. Practicing is good, but don’t overly exert yourself by doing advanced exercises when you are a low intermediate student because there is a big difference of difficulty, which makes the task seem challenging, and you will be discouraged.
Make sure your studying materials are not too easy, either. If you are an intermediate student, you should not listen to VOA Special English News, where you can keep yourself updated with pieces of news in slow, clear English and make you feel over-confident. Of course, you can still use them as a source for revision and relaxation, but you will learn almost nothing new. Look for as many trusted resources as possible, and then discard ones which are too hard or too easy so that you can get closer to your goals

How To Learn English Quickly

3.Be ready to make mistakes or ask questions.

Many language learners are afraid to make mistakes or ask what they do not understand for fear of being looked down on. However, when you have such a mindset, you have already made a big mistake that prevents you from becoming fluent in English. Mistakes and your willingness to take in knowledge are the most important factors contributing to your improvements in everything you do. When you make mistakes time and again, they will be engraved on your mind, and it will even not take you a few seconds to come up with the answers the next time you encounter the same questions. Also, be open-minded and willing to ask for others’ opinions, which will get you further in your mission. They will help you absorb knowledge better than look for answers on the Internet, and you can derive invaluable experience as well. Don’t worry about appearing foolish when you ask questions, as people may think you are ready to learn and admire your spirits. A lot of dedicated people are there to help you; all you need to do is find a suitable tutor to guide you through the difficulties.

How To Learn English Quickly

4.Spend your time learning vocabulary.

Many parents make their children go to communication classes when they have just started learning English as they put too much emphasis on speaking skills. Of course, they are important, but without a fine range of vocabulary, you cannot manage to learn any skills at all. Vocabulary aids you a lot in your listening, writing, speaking, and reading skills as well as grammar. Many native speakers are not good at grammar or reading, but with a huge amount of words as their first language, they can still get by just fine. You do not necessarily be fluent in grammar and speaking; it is completely normal for humans to make mistakes. So it is better for parents, or students themselves, to change the way they think as soon as possible. Skills are important to be a good English learner, but first of all, spend your time on vocabulary so that you can be fully supported later in your learning process.

How To Learn English Quickly

5.Have a relaxed mind about learning English.

Don’t consider studying English as an obligation or a duty that you have to do. Instead, you should make it your hobby from which you can derive fun. Learning things with dislike will get you nowhere because a negative attitude will make it difficult for knowledge to sink in. Under no circumstances should you force yourself to study if you don’t want to, or else it will do you more harm than good. When you want to relax and study at the same time, turn to such resources as comic books, music or cartoons as long as they are in English. By adopting this method, not only will you feel comfortable but you will also take in English effectively as a result of your positive attitude. Your attitude does matter when it comes to learning a new language, whether it is English, French, or Spanish, so remember not to push yourself too far to achieve the best results.

How To Learn English Quickly

The above-listed numbers should be considered tips rather than methods (except for number 2), but they are indispensable in betting your English quickly and funnily. Your attitudes and mindset directly affect your success, so follow my guidelines, and see yourself work miracles.

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