Fiction vs Nonfiction – Difference between Fiction and Nonfiction

Fiction & Nonfiction: How to distinguish Fiction from Nonfiction?

If you are interested in reading books or watching movies, you may encounter the two terms Fiction and Nonfiction frequently. In the context of books, plays, and movies, people generally have no trouble in classifying which one is fiction and which one is nonfiction. But when it comes to fiction and nonfiction in literature, it’s not easy to do so because the difference between those two is not clear. Therefore, this article will provide you with some interesting information about how to tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction.

What is the difference between Fiction and Nonfiction?

FICTION refers to the plot, characters, and setting that the author conjures up with his or her mind. In other words, the term Fiction simply refers to literature that is based on the writer’s imagination. Fiction stories include mystery stories, fantasy stories, historical dramas, and romances. In fiction novels, authors can choose a real-world place, set a story, or create a virtual city based on the cities that exist in real life that exists in real life. 

Definition of nonfiction definition and definition of fiction definition

However, in a lot of fictional books, authors still often use real scientific research in their made-up world. It’s very common in science fiction and fantasy books because the authors want to make the plot more reliable and more attractive. In order to make the plots become more dramatic, authors sometimes prefer to keep several key bits of information hidden in order to make their tales more dramatic. They either expose them at the end of the story or choose to talk from the viewpoint of a different character throughout the story. 

NONFICTION is different from Fiction. It refers to stories that are based on factual occurrences and characters. In other words, it is literature based on fact. There are different types of non-fiction texts such as newspapers, advertisements, brochures, reference books, and so on. As a result, a nonfiction story needs to be real from start to finish. 

Define nonfiction and define fiction

Despite nonfiction stories always include real people and incidents, this does not mean authors can not use techniques to make the story more interesting. Nonfiction has a subgenre that is founded on facts but presented in a creative manner. It is known as “literary nonfiction” making nonfiction as interesting to read as fiction. One of the works that can be considered to be literary fiction can be named Anne Frank’s diary. 

Tips for remembering the difference between non-fiction and non-fiction

Now let’s take a look at the novel and the secret to memorizing it.

Non-fiction works are stories of real-life events. Therefore, Non-fiction is not False.

A fiction work only based on made-up people or events. Therefore, Fiction is False.
nonfiction or non fiction

Examples for Fiction and Nonfiction 

  • Her first novel is “My childhood”, which is a nonfiction book.
  • My favorite kind of book is fiction because it’s full of surprises.
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