365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 9

314 What can I do for you?
315 What do you do for relaxation?
316 What do you recommend?
317 What do you think of my new car?
318 What do you think of it?
319 What is it about?
320 What is it like there?
321 What makes you say so?
322 What’s going on?
323 What’s on your mind?
324 What’s the deadline?
325 What’s the matter with you?
326 What’s the purpose of your visit?
327 What’s the weather like?
328 What’s your favorite food?
329 What’s your job?
330 Whatever you think is fine with me.
331 When is the most convenient time for you?
332 When will it be ready?
333 Where are you going?
334 Where can I check in?
335 Where can I go for help?
336 Where do you live?
337 Where have you been?
338 Where is the rest room, please?
339 Where were we?
340 Who is in charge here?
341 Would you care for a drink?

365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 10

List Of 365 Common English Sentences

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