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The 10 Best Online Spell And Grammar Checker Tools For English Learners
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The 10 Best Online Spell And Grammar Checker Tools For English Learners

When you are writing your paper or essay, it is very important to ensure that your document does not contain typos, grammatical errors and bad sentence structure. Your work will be badly judged if English is bad despite good content. For non-native English speakers, it presents a particular challenge because of the difficulties in mastering the English, vocabulary, grammar, and usage. A brief review of grammar checking software, grammar correction apps, online grammar checking sites, punctuation checker, sentence structure and construction checkers are given in this writing.

1) Ginger

Ginger is a really great tool to check your grammar and spelling mistakes. It is available as a browser addon and offers a nice user experience. It displays a tiny icon at the bottom right corner of writing areas including WordPress post editor, Gmail, Facebook, and more. It checks for mistakes as you type and highlight errors with context.

There are a few drawbacks of using Ginger. You will need to switch to the text editor in WordPress. For better proofreading, you will need to click on the icon to launch the Ginger editor.

Website: https://www.gingersoftware.com/

2)  Grammarly

Having the same features as Ginger, Grammarly can check the grammar as well as spelling mistakes immediately. Especially, the most special feature and also the plus point of this site is its ability to check plagiarism quite accurately. In addition, the simple interface will help you register and use Grammarly in the fastest way. Users have to enter the content first, and immediately the errors will be detected with the red line under. When click on the underlined words , you will be explained the mistakes and the way to correct them.

Website: https://app.grammarly.com/ 

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3) Grammar

In addition to checking online the grammar and spelling errors, Grammar also provides grammar lessons through pictures, new words and interesting topics that are suitable for all audiences, helping learners understand the information in a simple way, consolidating the knowledge most effectively and completely free.

Website: http://www.grammar.net/

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4) Virtual Writing Tutor

The website helps identify common mistakes in English in terms of grammar, spelling and pronunciation. What’s more, Virtual Writing Tutor can help you check your errors by recording directly. You can record the paragraph that you write, then upload it on the site. It will take only a few seconds for Virtual Writing Tutor to check all your mistakes. You will not have to worry when writing an English essay or preparing a presentation because now Virtual Writing Tutor will help check and correct your mistakes to improve your writing skills.

Website: https://virtualwritingtutor.com/

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5) GrammarBase

Another online grammar checker tool for your reference is GrammarBase. This site can probably be considered as the fastest website because you don’t have to register or test through any process, just copy the text and paste on the blank box to check the mistakes. GrammarBase will point out the grammar errors so that you can correct them. It’s very simple and convenient, even if you do not know anything about the technology, you can also use the tool easily.

Website: http://www.grammarbase.com/

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6) PapeRater

PaperRater is a useful tool to help you check and correct mistakes online without having to download. The site interface is user-friendly, and error correction is quick. When you need to consolidate knowledge before exams without having much time to attend the English centers, Paperrater is always one of the top choices because of the great features that it brings to its users.

Website : https://www.paperrater.com/

7) Hemingway

Hemingway will provide you with a readability grade. This is the minimum level of education that readers need to understand your material. In general, you want to keep the readability grade low to help readers absorb the information. If the grade level is high, it suggests that the material is wordy, convoluted, and full of jargon. Additionally, Hemingway gives you basic stats such as word count, and also the time taken for an average user to read your page.  This can be useful if you’re trying to keep your content short.

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Website: http://www.hemingwayapp.com/

8) VoiceTube

VoiceTube is a very good website that can help you practice listening, and writing skills as well as checking spelling mistakes. The site is suitable for all people, from whom with the basic level to whom with the advanced level. You only need to choose your favorite topic, then choose your favorite video. In each video, there will be transcript. After listening to the video, you will have to repeat each sentence in the video, the site will check your spelling mistakes. This is an extremely effective studying English method. If you work hard, after few months, your speaking level will increase dramatically!

Website: https://www.voicetube.com/

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9) WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is another grammar checker that made it to my top proofreading tools of all time. While their website may look outdated, WhiteSmoke is still widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy online proofreading platforms. Aside from the web-based interface, it can be used as a browser extension, Office integration, mobile app, and desktop app. 

The WhiteSmoke app has three main tools that can help you create top-notch articles. First, the ‘Grammar’ tool can detect a host of quality issues in your article within seconds. Moving on to the ‘Translator’ tool, WhiteSmoke claims that they support full translation for 55 languages. Finally, WhiteSmoke has a ‘Plagiarism’ tool that scans billions of pages for matching texts in your draft.

Website: https://www.whitesmoke.com/free-online-checker

10) ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid can be known as the best writing style and grammar checker for everything you send, share, tweet or publish. Sometimes you want quick fixes for your writing, but sometimes you need more. The site offers users both: grammar checking to catch mistakes as you write, and in-depth reports to help you strengthen and polish your most important work. Your technique and confidence will grow with ProWritingAid’s unique combination of suggestions, articles, videos, and quizzes that make skill-development fun and interactive.

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Website: https://prowritingaid.com/

Hope the article can help you who have been and will be learning English to improve your knowledge. Do not forget to share your feelings and experiences with Learn English Fun Way! Thank you for reading and see you in the next writing!

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