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Short Funny Stories – 28 The Rich People’s Party

Short Funny Stories – 28 The Rich People's Party

There was a party that many rich people attended. The host had recently built a tank with many alligators, piranhas and many other things that can kill you. The host said that if anyone could swim across the tank, he would, to the best of his ability, grant them 3 wishes.

Well, nobody was up to the challenge, so everyone just started having a good time and doing that “party thing.”

Suddenly, there was this big splash! The host looked and saw a man swimming rapidly across the tank, and, lo and behold, he made it!

The host walked over to the man and said,

“Alright, you made it, WOW!. What are your 3 wishes?”

The man replied,

“First, you see that shotgun of yours? give it to me. Second, see those bullets over there? give me them. Third, show me the idiot who pushed me in.”

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