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How To Learn English Through Movies

Why should we learn English with movies?

You can learn many new words from movies. The way native English foreigners use in speaking English is different from writing English. The difference is in writing: The price of five dollars was acceptable, and I decided to purchase it; in speaking: It was, like, five bucks, so I was like “okay”. Conversation in movies is similar to the daily English conversation by watching movies. We can learn casual words and words that are never involved in a dictionary. An example: you see a sentence in a film: “Give me the freaking keys!”. The word “freaking” means nothing; you can’t find it in a dictionary. Its function is the only emphasis.

You learn the manner of pronouncing words. Movies help your pronunciation; you can get a lot of words, grammar better and also raise your pronunciation like native English speakers.You understand English deeply. Movies are provided to native people, that is the reason the actors or actresses speak very fast and quickly.You like English better than before. When you listen to what actors or actresses speak in movies, you can partly understand; then you realize that the English sound is very interesting and you want to speak English like them.

How To Learn English Through Movies

 The problem of learning English by watching movies

To master movies, understand all English conversations in the film completely, you have to have a huge vocabulary. In reading, you can check the new words that you don’t know by dictionary. Different from reading, in watching movies, the conversation is quick, and you can’t listen clearly to what actors or actresses speak. But it would help if you remembered that native English speakers even don’t understand movies fully.What do we do if we catch something in movies we don’t understand?

If you don’t understand something in movies, click pause and take the view of the whole picture at that time, you can guess what’s going on. Today the film all has subtitles, you can disregard the conversations quickly and fast. The caption is on screen; you can find the meaning of the words you don’t know. But the problem is you will just read the subtitles without listening, and then you can’t pay attention. So to watch movies effectively, try to watch movies without subtitles. Just use captions when the conversation is too difficult to listen.

The Summary

It is the most important you should read the summary of movies firstly. This is the best way to learn English with movies because:You have more interest in movies when you know what’s happening in movies. You will learn vocabulary better in the summary section of movies because if you understand words in the summary section, you will understand whole movies, then you want to learn more and more.You won’t pause the movies when watching because you know scenarios. The summary doesn’t explain the difficult conversation in movies, but it helps you understand movies better.

Additional Suggestion:

To watch movies effectively, you should do the same way as reading:Use a dictionary to find out the meaning of words you don’t know: you can pause movies to find the meaning of these words or write words down, then find it later.

Please take note and write down what you think is interesting: you usually should use note-paper to write words you like and stick it on the wall of places where you often stay, such as a study room, bedroom…

Additionally, let’s study English in many different ways: joining an English chat room to practice English with people who come from countries over the world, listening to music, reading novels. Do what you like, what brings you to interest. Develop your English as much as possible.

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