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How To Learn English At Home

Do you want to learn English in a relaxing atmosphere without anyone supervising you? Do you want to have a learning routine that is all planned by yourself? Do you want to learn English when you are free so that you are not tied with the time? If the answer is “yes”, then the best choice for you is learning at home. However, a greater benefit is that there is no need for you to search for learning methods yourself, because they will be recommended before long in this post. But prior to that, let’s look into the main advantages of learning English at home.

You can do whatever you want while studying at home without anyone finding faults with you. You can learn on your bed, on the sofa, etc. and even wear your pajamas! Such methods as watching TV or listening to music can also be made use of, thus helping you to relax as well as gain fluency at the same time.
Whether you are a student or an adult going to work, you may have some difficulties in finding time for studying because of your many other concerns, so set schedules at English centers or extra classes are unsuitable for you. So why don’t you try learning English by yourself in your own house, where you can study in your free time? Also, this method saves quite a lot time because you do not have to travel, which may take you 30 minutes or even an hour!
You can set up your own online library consisting of materials that you find on the Internet. Nowadays, there are so many English e-books that you have to spend quite a long time finishing them. More importantly, a lot of them are free, which is not the case with English centers because you will have to pay the fees to get learning materials from them.


1.Watch news in English

If watching the news on TV is one of your daily activities, this will help you better your English just by maintaining your habit. The only difference is that you watch it in another language, and you can keep yourself updated of the latest events worldwide while have your listening skills trained. In addition, your vocabulary will be wider because you will have to look up words in order to understand pieces of news, for example: mass shooting, natural disasters, etc. You can even adapt this method in your lunchtime and dinner time, not necessarily when you are free if you have too many things to juggle. There is a variety of good channels for you to select, such as CNN or BBC.

How To Learn English At Home

2.Watch movies 

Many people choose to watch movies as an effective way to improve their English, so you can give them a try, too. Movies from English-speaking countries are often highly recommended because of the conveyed messages and their quality. When watching those films, you will see progress in your listening as well as know more about cultural backgrounds. However, the frequency of slang is one feature that irritates viewers, because they are quite hard to understand. What’s more, slang varies from region to region, so there is a huge number of slang in one country. That amount is even greater when considering all English-speaking countries, making it hard for learners to memorize. However, when you get used to slang, you will realize they are much easier to acquire than perfect English. And you need to bear in mind that slang is only used in informal contexts, so if you talk to your teacher or apply for a job using it, you may risk being given a slap across your face! 

How To Learn English At Home

3.Chat with your friends

Go online and make friends with people around the world can help your English improve through chatting with them. You can join group chats or forums with those who have the same goals as you, and ask for different tips or exchange cultures. You can also have video calls with your friends, and your speaking skills will be better when chatting regularly. You can talk about your interests, your favorite subjects, etc. instead of serious matters, which help you feel comfortable and create a relaxing environment for studying. This is very effective indeed, I myself made friends with an aspiring MIT student from Nigeria, and we chat on a regular basis. Thanks to this, I got to know a lot about his country’s cultures and traditions, as well as long-lasting myths and folk tales. We also tell each other about our likes and dislikes of our dreamland, and drive a lot of inspiration. My mindset also changed a lot, as I previously thought that Nigeria was poor so there were not be any talented person. The truth turned out that he is an inventor, a researcher and a founder, and he assembled a multitude of robots. If you also want to learn more about other cultural backgrounds through overseas friends and broaden your horizons, what are you waiting for? Create your own user account right now!

How To Learn English At Home

4.Be selective of your learning materials

Above are learning methods from which you can derive fun by adapting, but truly learning is good for you too. Sometimes, you should sit down in front of your desk, and get rid of all distractions such as TV or social media, write down new things you learn from your books. As regards good books, you can compile a list of trustworthy resources, especially free ones that are available on the Internet. You can do a lot of reading, writing, listening and speaking for the sake of overall performance, and there is the key section for you to check your answers. However, when you are tired, do not force yourself to study seriously, and just do this when you are full of energy. Instead, turn to the above tips for relaxation and improvements in speaking and listening, which are also important for daily use. 

How To Learn English At Home

These are among the most effective ways which improved my English dramatically, and I can assure you that yours can be the same as long as you stick to my recommendations. If you have any other useful tips to share with other learners and me, please leave a comment below to progress together. Thanks so much for reading! 

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