FTM Meaning – What Does FTM Mean?

FTM Definition: What does FTM mean?

The abbreviation “FTM” is a term that can you can use in conversation to express a specific type of person. Keep in mind that you should be cautious to use this term as it relates to gender and sometimes it can have negative connotations associated with it. If you are finding this meaning, this post will be of help. Please scroll down to the bottom and you will see the meaning of FTM in the English language and gain in-depth knowledge about this term. You can find some conversation examples which help you use this acronym in proper context. Lastly, there are some synonyms that you can use to replace this term in a conversation.

FTM Meaning - What Does FTM Mean?

FTM DEFINITION: What does FTM mean and short for?

Definition Of FTM – What does FTM stand for?

FTM = Female to Male

“Female-to-male”, an adjective sometimes used to describe trans men who were born female at birth but identify and live their life as a man. It is slang that most often used in online chatting and text messaging. Other abbreviations include FTM, F-to-M, F2M, F → M, and F-M.

 FTM’s origin

There is little information about the first time when this term was used. However, it can be said that similar practices and phrases were assigned to trans men as a label as far back as Ancient Greece and Rome.

Other Meaning

Besides Female to Male, FTM has a variety of meanings ranging from random phrases to more technical terms regarding many fields like banking, computing, educational, finance, governmental, and health. There are several meanings that this abbreviation stands for such as “Full-time mom”, “For the moment”, “For that matter” and “Functional Test Manager”. It is impossible to list all the other meanings of FTM so, in each context, you had better check the meaning of this term carefully.

FTM Meaning - What Does FTM Mean?


Example 1: A talk between two friends through text message.

               Lily: Do you know John was an FTM?

              Amy: Really? I didn’t hear about that. It is shocking news. How do you know?

           Lily: Uh, he admitted yesterday. I was shocked, too. I consoled him that we didn’t care that and we still like him.

Example 2: An online discussion between two Facebook users.

  • User 1: Hey, guess what? I have just received a message that I was chosen to partake in a model contest for FTMs.
  • User 2: Yeah, congratulation. I knew you could do it.
  • User 1: Thanks, but I am a little nervous.

FTM’s Synonyms

Here are some alternative expressions of FTM that you can use in order to paraphrase this term that would not change the meaning that you want to talk:

  • woman to man
  • female-male
  • girl-boy


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