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Easy Way To Learn English Sentences

Learning languages is like solving puzzles; you have to put all the pieces in the right place in order to have a complete puzzle. Similarly, learning every part of English thoroughly is a must if you want to be a fluent learner. Among various patterns, sentences are one of the most crucial factors, without which a language cannot work properly. Indeed, sentences appear everywhere: from the books you read, the TV programs you watch to the songs you listen. Here is a sentence. This is another one. Sentences can be easy to understand, but can also be complicated when you add detail to them. Sentences aid learners in acquiring knowledge more efficiently, and it is always much simpler to understand them as a whole than translate word by word. But learning English sentences effectively and quickly has long been an utmost concern of many students who have not successfully mastered them. If you are in the same boat (and are reading this post), don’t waste your time searching for unusual or complex methods, as such easy tips will be enough for you.

1. Understanding parts of speech 

This is one of the most useful ways to help you grasp the basics of English sentences, which include the function of words and the contexts in which they are used. And here are seven parts of speech in English: 

* Nouns: A person, place, or thing (doctor, cinema, umbrella, etc.) 

* Verbs: A word that refers to an action (swim, read, learn, etc.)

* Adjectives: A word that describes a person or thing (pretty, large, excellent, etc.)

* Adverbs: a word that adds information to a noun or degree to a verb or an adjective (too, quickly, significantly, etc.)

* Pronouns: a word that is used to replace a noun or noun phrase (he, she, it, etc.)

* Preposition: a word or group of words which is used before a noun or pronoun to show place, position, time and method)

*Conjunction: a word that connects words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.

Make sure you apprehend the function and uses of the above patterns, as they help you understand how words are combined to make grammatically correct and readable sentences.

Easy Way To Learn English Sentences

2. Watch movies.

Your sentence learning can benefit from watching films, as you can come across many commons phrases and expressions on a regular basis. Learning from movies help you build up your ability to make sentences, and you will sound more natural when putting what you learned in practice. For example, we are taught at school that the responses to the question “How are you?” should be “I’m fine, thank you. And you?” or “Fine, thanks. What about you?” and surely we have done the same all the way. However, if you notice, you’ll see that native speakers tend to say “I’m doing good. You?”, which sounds natural, and the word “fine” somehow seems reluctant. You are taken aback by the truth, aren’t you? When your shock finishes, make sure you bear this in mind so that the next time someone asks after you, you will give an answer that is different from the textbooks. In short, you can significantly profit from watching movies, as you can enhance your English ability while relaxing at the same time.

Easy Way To Learn English Sentences

3.Learning reading and writing skills

You don’t need anyone to tell you how writing, reading, and sentences are intimately connected. First, you should make a list of your favorite genres of books for the purpose of practice. Choose any kind of book that picks up your interest, and don’t force yourself to read books that are beyond your ability to understand. As you read, you come across a variety of new sentences that can later be applied to your pieces of writing. Also, you can write about the characters in the books or your emotions, and you should have this checked out by your teachers or other like-minded people in writing communities. They can give you advice on how to write sentences more naturally and stylistically effective, and your fellows can voice their opinions about the same characters, from which you can compare with yours and derive fun. Learning anything without pressure is always effortless, so this method will absolutely help you learn English sentences easily while you still enjoy yourself.

Easy Way To Learn English Sentences

4. Make use of apps

Nowadays, learning English is much more convenient than in the parts as learning materials are at your fingertips, and various apps are invented to help enhance your vocabulary, grammar, core skills, and, of course, sentences. They are fewer in number when compared to those used for improving your words or skills, but they are still of high quality. Here are my recommendations:

  • Learn English Sentence Master: This app is based on proven science and was developed by linguists and educators. It is a fun and educational learning game whose aim is to help English learners of all ages better their English sentences, so don’t worry if you are an adult. The designed game is based on assimilation, a familiar phenomenon when we learn our mother tongue, which means that we can approach English the way we did with our native language! With hard work and determination, you can assimilate enough patterns as well as make original and grammatically correct sentences yourself.
Easy Way To Learn English Sentences
  • Grammarly: Millions of users rely upon Grammarly to get their texts correct. The app uses AI to identify even the most common mistakes, including incomplete sentences (sentences that do not have its main parts), subject-verb agreement, use of articles, etc. Only when you successfully conquer these can you make perfect sentences, and Grammarly is indispensable on your way to achieve your goals. 
Easy Way To Learn English Sentences

Imagine yourself being a fluent English learner having almost no difficulties with sentences, with which many students still struggle to understand the basics. That feeling is out of this world, right? But before you can be such an admirable learner, you have to practice first. My duty is to share with you useful tips to simplify your learning process, and you are smart, so you should know what your mission is!

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