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5 News Sites To Practice English Reading Skills

There is a very effective way to study English, having brought a number of benefits to people. It is learning through reading English news. In this writing, we will show you the advantages of this method as well as introduce the 5 most popular English news websites that can help you improve your English reading skills.

I) The advantages of reading English news

Reading newspaper every day will enable you to enhance your knowledge as well as access the latest information or the information in many fields that attract public attention. Besides, it also helps you gain a deeper understanding of a problem and a multidimensional view of it. If you understand the importance of reading newspapers, you will probably feel even better benefits from expanding to reading English news.

Accessing to international news will not only bring you more information but also help you understand how the international community evaluates worldwide events . Especially, reading newspaper in English will help you improve your English significantly thanks to the regular exposure to this language as well as the appearance of many new words in the news. Not to mention the fact that thanks to reading English news, you can learn how to write sentences and develop your writing style to become more and more natural.

In addition, if you are planning to take international English examinations such as IELTS or Toefl, etc, it is advisable that you read English newspapers regularly. The international examinations often use English articles for the writing and reading sections. The tests not only want to test your reading comprehension ability but also raise the standard to evaluate if you can write sentences in English well or not.

II) How to study from reading English news ?

Most people have the same question about how to read the news effectively or how many articles per day, per week is reasonable? The answer is based on your level of English. Determine your level of reading comprehension through your vocabulary and grammar ability. If you are a person who is not at a good level, just stop at average level. You will have a lot of difficulties reading and translating English, so it is easy for you to get frustrated sometimes and less read English newspapers. But if you feel that you are a good English learner, you will be more interested and often read English newspapers to get more information. The advice for you is to determine your level. If you feel like you’re only at the average level, read the daily short news regularly. Reading through each paragraph will make you more interested. If you are really proficient in English, read as much news as you can, you can read long writings in many fields. Certainly, the more you read, the better your English will improve.

You had better read English articles about fields that you like. For example, if you love Australia and want to settle down in this country, try to read its articles. Do not forget to read diverse news belonging to different authors with different writing styles and different topics. This will not only broaden your thinking skills, but will also help you learn new words.

Finding the motivation to study is also of great importance. Read articles written in English about your favorite topics. That will create more interest and your learning will also become easier. If you can turn reading English news into your habit, this will definitely be a significant long-term method of learning English. Undeniably, reading English newspapers is also a great way for you to improve reading comprehension ability and reinforce your vocabulary.

III) New sites to practice English reading skills

Nowadays, with the popularity of the Internet, finding and reading English articles become much easier as you only need a few mouse clicks to access the websites of English newspapers.

Here, we will introduce some of the most popular daily English new sites in the world:

1.The Wall Street Journal

As one of the most influential newspapers in the world, The Wall Street Journal always updates hot news and events across the US and other countries in all major areas such as management, economy, arts, etc. Over three centuries of development, The Wall Street Journal has received the Pulitzer Prize 29 times- a prestigious award for the press.

2. The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail is a British middle-market newspaper owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust and published in London. In 2011, MailOnline was the second most visited English news websites worldwide. In January 2014, the site became the most visited newspaper in the world, with over 189.5 million visitors per month and 11.7 million daily visits.

3. The Guardian

The Guardian is also a UK daily newspaper owned by the Guardian Media Group. Founded in 1821, this is a rare newspaper that is popular in the UK and owned by a non-profit organization. The Guardian has been honored 4 times as the Newspaper of the Year at the Press Awards of the year and the recent time was in 2014.

4. BBC News

BBC News is a familiar name because it is both an online news site and a popular news channel worldwide. The newspaper always has articles telling the truth about current affairs in every corner of the world without being affected by the state agencies. Therefore, the information here is quite accurate and highly objective.

5. CNN

Like BBC, CNN is also known as a famous newspaper and TV channel today. CNN has multiple versions on all five continents. The main content is the fastest updated world news about politics, technology, sports, health, entertainment, travel and living

If you spend about 30 minutes wasting time online, use this time to read English news instead. With these sites, you absolutely can improve English reading skills while obtaining more useful knowledge. If you know any other news websites, please share with us. Do not forget to visit Learn English Fun Way to update interesting English tips every day.

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