21 Advanced Alternative Phrases For “I Think”

Hello everyone and welcom back to Learn English Fun Way! Today we are going to give you 21 advanced alternatives for “I think”.

“I think” is very a boring, overused, and repetitive phrase.

In debates, in English classes, in conversation, we are always asked to give our opinion. And more often than not, many English learners say: “I think…” or “I don’t think…”

If you really want to show that you have an incredible, and profound, and advanced vocabulary, then you need to find som other ways of saying “I think”. Therefore, in this lesson today, we have got 21 advanced alternatives, ranging from formal to informal.

This article is really going to help you with your vocabulary,

Right, let’s get started with the lesson!

21 Advanced Alternative Phrases For "I Think"

1, I’m not going to lie/ I’m not gonna lie

This phrase is an informal one.

We can say “I’m not gonna lie”, and sometimes it is just shortened down to “Not Gonna Lie” or abbreviated to N-G-L. So if we’re texting, we can text NGL, and then our opinion.

For example:

  • I’m not going to lie, I was pretty insulted to not be invited to my ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

2, In all honesty

This is very commonly used nowadays, it is leaning towards informal.

For example:

  • In all honesty, I had every right to be there.

3, In my view

This one is slightly more formal, actually.

For example:

  • In my view, I should have been invited, so it was totally fair for me to turn up on the day.

A lot of these examples will use should have, would have, and could have.

4, If you ask me

For example:

  • If you ask me, the church service was wonderful, but it was a shame I have to stand at the back.

5, As far as I can tell

This phrase is fairly neutral, neither informal nor formal.

For example:

  • As far as I can tell, the bride wasn’t really expecting me.

21 Advanced Alternative Phrases For "I Think"

6, To my mind

This just means ‘to me’, but we’re talking about our brain rather than ourselves, and it is more formal.

For example:

  • To my mind, she should have been happier to see me and receive my support.

7, As far as I’m concerned

This is, again, slightly more formal,

For example:

  • As far as I’m concerned, she totally overreacted and shouldn’t have cried.

8, The way I see things/ The way I see it

You can use either of the two above phrases.

For example:

  • The way I see things, I made the family photographs a lot more interesting.

9, As I see things/ As I see it

This is a quite neutral alternative

For example:

  • As I see it, they obviously didn’t take me into consideration when drawing up the seating plans.

10, It seems to me that

This phrase is quite a neutral one, maybe leaning on formal.

For example:

  • It seems to me that everyone overreacted when I tried to sit at the top table.

11, I believe

This is just a really good alternative for ‘I think’. If you’re in a pinch, and you want to say “I think” and you don’t know what else to say, just say, “I believe.”

For example:

  • I believe they should have just made space for me in the first place.

21 Advanced Alternative Phrases For "I Think"

12, I would say

This can also be shortened down to “I’d say”

For example:

  • I’d say the food was very good, but it was a shame I had to share it with my neighbour.

13, I consider

This is normally followed by something then to be,

“I consider something to be.”

For example:

  • I consider it to be very rude that I was forced to sit down when I stood up to make a speech.

14, To me

This is just another way of saying, “in my opinion.”

For example:

  • To me, no one knows my ex better than I do, so I should have been able to tell all of his funny stories.

15, From my point of view

This again is slightly more formal, but can be used in both informal and formal situations.

For example:

  • From my point of view, the first dance was cringeworthy, so I did everyone a favour by joining in.

16, It is my view that/ It is my belief that

Both of them are more or less the same.

For example:

  • It is my view that the open bar made everything worse.

21 Advanced Alternative Phrases For "I Think"

17, I reckon

This phrase is a very slang one, and is also a very British one.

For example:

  • I reckon the sixth gin and tonic tipped me over the edge.

18, I honestly believe that

For example:

  • I honestly believe that if I hadn’t started cutting the cake, no one would have.

19, Honestly speaking

This phrase is quite an informal one.

For example:

  • Honestly speaking, I probably shouldn’t have thrown my slice at the bride.

20, I feel that

This is another good one-word alternative for think, just like believe.

I feel, I think, I believe.

For example:

  • I feel that my excould have found a more welcoming bride with a better sense of humour.

21, Personally speaking

This last one is, again, quite neutral.

For example:

  • Personally speaking, calling the police was a bit OTT.

OTT means Over The Top, too much. It is often shortened down to OTT.

21 Advanced Alternative Phrases For "I Think"

That is the end of our today’s lesson. Thank you for reading and hope you can apply well all the above-mentioned alternative phrases for “I think”. To get further explanation as practice your listening English, you should watch the video below. The English teacher- Lucy, with her warm voice and interesting ways of presentation, will certainly make you become engaged in the lesson.

Credit: Youtube Channel “English with Lucy”


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단 제승

All of these are informal and seem like things you would say in a text… No difference in saying “I think.”