UwU Meaning – What Does UwU Mean?

What Does the Popular UwU Mean? How to Use It Correctly in Texting?

What does UwU mean? If you write a lot, like most of us, you’ve probably seen the UwU emoji. What is UwU? When should I use it? We will dive into this internet terminology, so you know what it is and how to use it with confidence next time.


What is the Meaning of UwU?

UwU Meaning

Usually, when you see a character string in a text message or online, it’s an acronym for a long, shortened sentence by taking the first character of each word and combining them. Like “IDK” stands for “I don’t know”, or “wyd” means “what are you doing?” Some of them can be read without assistance, while others make us rack our brains.

When a string of letters and characters are put together, this confusion can increase tenfold. This is usually because these acronyms are not acronyms. Instead, they’re called emojis. Some of you have seen the Emoji movie if you have kids or you can use emojis yourself. But for the uninitiated, emojis are small pictures with facial expressions, used to replace words or to express emotions.

Sometimes these emoji turn into a cute little yellow circle with a face. Other times, if the user is only using characters, you might end up with something like: “:)” or “;)”. This is old school and it was done before the new emoji format was released. In some places you will see this type of emoji being used more often than the new generation.

UwU is used as an emoticon to indicate a reaction to something adorable. If someone writes “UwU” for you, don’t worry about wondering and trying to figure out what it means. He didn’t write anything. Instead, it’s used as an emoji to indicate a reaction to something nice or that makes you happy. Imagine seeing a small puppy fall into a large bowl while trying to drink. It’s so cute and your first reaction will probably be “Aww! So cute” or “UwU”.

UwU Pronunciation

There is no correct “way” to pronounce UwU, as it is primarily an emoticon, not a word. Some people may say “Uwuh!”, “Ouuh ~ wOuuh ~ ♪” … Pronounce it however you want!

UwU Origin

There is no exact record of when “UwU” was invented, but most say it happened in 2005 when someone included it in their fantastic work “Genie of the Puzzle”. This novel is based on the popular animated series “Yu-Gi-Oh”. You see it used most often by poodles, pups (who are submissive sexual partners who like to display childish behavior) and in Japanese and Korean internet cultures, where it reverts to the original meaning of cute, or “kawaii,” but generally non-sexual.

UwU Other Meanings

“UwU” can also be used to express relaxation, flirtation, “same”; “cool”; condescension; smugness, or when you don’t know what to say but don’t want to be impolite by not responding. It’s also known as foreplay in the furry world. A “furry” is a person who enjoys anthropomorphic animals, which essentially implies that they enjoy making animals appear human, whether by talking to them or giving them human physical traits in art, cinema, or costume.

Animal accoutrements, such as cat ears, foxtails, and masks, are popular among furries. Some furries go so far as to dress in full costume from head to toe, and may engage in sexual conduct while doing so. Some individuals believe that in order to be a true furry, one must not only look like one, but also sound like one, which means speaking in languages like “UwU” or “TwT.” “UwU” became a hit tune as well.

UwU Variations

Here’s a collection of simple text emoticon variations:

  • UwU
  • Uwu
  • uwU
  • ÚwÚ
  • uwu
  • ☆w☆
  • ✧w✧
  • ♥w♥
  • ︠uw ︠u
  • (uwu)


UwU Used in Text Examples

Example 1

Texter 1: Did you see the video of little cats fighting each other that I sent you yesterday? Texter 2: OMG yes UwU! Texter 1: I know, so cute, right? Texter 2: Yep, where did you get that? Texter 1: It just appeared a lot on my newfeed. In this example, one partner used the emoji UwU to express that the video was so cute.

Example 2

Boyfriend: I love you, babe.

Girlfriend: I love you, too UwU.

In this example, UwU is used by the girlfriend trying to be cute or express happiness.

Example 3

Friend 1: Hey how did you do on the test? Friend 2: I don’t know but I think I might pass. How about u? Friend 1: Not too bad UwU. Here, UwU is used as a way to express smug, or pride in your own achievements.

Other Similar Emojis

“UwU” is similar to “OwO,” which is an astonishing emoji; “^w^” which is a method to type incredibly pleased or the absolute prettiest thing you’ve ever seen; “XD,” which is a sideways smile; “Twt or twt,” which is a crying emoji; “:3,” which is a smile; and “;3,” which is a wink and smile.

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