GMQ Meaning – What does GMQ Mean?

What Is The Definition of GMQ And How It Is Used?

The slang acronym “GMQ” is widely used by the younger generation online. If you see “GMQ” widely spread online, then probably that is a new term and you should find out more about it. That is also the reason why this article is dedicated to you. Not only will you find the meaning of this term, but you will also learn information about its origins and other meanings, even examples and synonyms that may stem from this acronym. 

GMQ Meaning - What does GMQ Mean?

What does GMQ stand for? 

This acronym refers to the expression “get money quick“. This expression is used when a person is in desperate need of money and is always ready to do anything in order to earn some if possible, even engaging in crimes and wrongdoings or perhaps risking their lives.


“What should I do to GMQ?” (“What should I do to get money quick?”)

 “I need to gmq or else I can’t go to college.” (“If I can’t earn money fast, I can’t go to college.”)

Where does the term GMQ originate from?

Unfortunately, we have no information about the exact origin of GMQ, when or where it was first used or why it was used. What we do know is that it is used mainly through social media and texting among teenagers.

Different usage

Except for “get money quick”, there is actually no other meanings that the slang term “GMQ” indicates. However, “GMQ” is used as an acronym for job titles and some other names such as “General Manager of Quality”, “Good merchantable quality”, “General Musicianship Questions”, “Geneva Message Queuing”, etc. These are just a few examples of names that the acronym “GMQ” can stand for.

Real-life examples in conversations

Sample 1: Two friends were texting

A: I really got to GMQ!

B: What do you need money for?

A: Next week, I’m going on a trip with my friends, but my parents just won’t give me any money for that!

B: Do you want me to lend you some?

A: Thanks, but the amount is not small… Hey, you think I should bet on one team in the Euro match tonight?

B: But you never watch football. Do you think you got any chance?

A: You’re right. I should probably think about something else.

(In this example between two friends, friend A was in urgent need of money for travelling. One way this friend thought of was to bet on a Euro football match, but friend B thought that was not a good idea.)

Sample 2: A (posting a picture of himself with a lot of money on Instagram): Life can never be easier! #CEO #cars #lifestyle #GMQ

His followers’ comments:

  • You’re the best.
  • Where did you get all that money from???
  • Show me how to get rich over9 pleaseee!!!
  • Can you give me some advice with money?

(In this example, the picture and the hashtag #GMQ both indicated that this man – A – was a wealthy man and he was able to earn a lot of money in a short time, so his followers on Instagram were full of admiration and craving for his advice on money.)

More exemplary sentences

  • “You know how to GMQ?”
  • “GMQ is sometimes not a good choice”

Another way to say the slang

When is usually used without any variation other than using uppercase or lowercase GMQ, gmq.

Other slangs and acronyms with similar meaning as “GMQ”

Got to Get Money
Get Money Boys
Get Money for Life
Get Money, Get Paid
GTM Get the Money
GRQ Get Rich Quick
Get a lot of money very quickly
Get Money Brothers
Get Money Gang
Good Morning, Get Money!
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