British English vs American English – List of Words

What’s the difference between British English vs American English?
British English and American English have significantly different vocabularies, pronunciation, and usage. There are various words for the same concept, or the same word has different meanings. Below are some of the more common words and phrases used differently in British English vs American English.

British English vs American English - List of Words

British English vs American English.

Let’s learn the difference between American English vs British English.

American British Pronunciation
Soccer Football
Sweet Candy
French fries Chips
Cookie Biscuit
Store Shop
Drugstore Chemist
Desert Pudding
Trash Can Dustbin
Movie Film
Movie Theater Cinema
Fall Autumn
Teller Cashier
Vacation Holiday
Uniform Kit
Sports Field Pitch
Ladybug Ladybird
Bathroom Loo
Mom, Mommy Mum, Mummy
Tic Tac Toe Noughts and Crosses
Buddy Mate
Phone Booth Phone Box
Police Officer Policeman
Mail Post
Zip code Postcode
Mailman Postman
Backpack Rucksack
Lawyer Solicitor
Pimple Pot
Cell Phone Mobile Phone
Takeout Takeaway
Suspenders Braces
Soda Pop Fizzy Drink
Cross Walk Zebra Crossing
Dish Towel Tea Towel
Plastic Wrap Cling Film
Baby Pacifier Dummy For Baby
Garbage Rubbish
Thumb Tack Drawing-pin
Railroad Railway
Liquor Store Off-license
Detour Diversion
Overpass Flyover
Fanny Pack Bum Bag
Ripped Hench
Pavement Road Surface
Package Parcel
Resume Curriculum Vitae / CV
Wrench Spanner
Restroom Public Toilet
Baby Carriage Pram
Garbage Collector Dustbin Man
Round-trip Ticket Return Ticket
Shopping Cart Trolley
Apartment Flat
Angry Mad
Elevator Lift
Gas / Gasoline Petrol
Cap Taxi
Flashlight Torch
Airplane Aeroplane
Sneakers Trainers
Purse Handbag
Diaper Nappy
Parking lot Car park
First floor Ground floor
Yard; Lawn Garden
Schedule Timetable
A Period A Full Stop
An Exclamation Point An Exclamation Mark
Parentheses Round Brackets
Brackets Square Brackets
Curly Braces Curly Brackets

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