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Best Youtube Channels For Learning English

Learning English can be just as challenging as learning any other foreign language; however YouTube offers a great series of English language tutorials available for free to anyone that wants to learn to speak English.
As I researched this article, I tried to find YouTube channels in which the list of tutorials is well organized, well-produced, and incorporate both audio and visual lessons.

1. Learn English with Ronnie

This is a significantly useful Youtube channel for anyone who wants to practice English – American voice as it belongs to 11 American English teachers, with more than 900 video lectures up to now. A key feature of Learn English with Ronnie is that the video lectures are relatively short and designed in the form of daily communication situations; hence it is not boring for viewers. The complex grammatical structures are also explained in detail; in addition, you also can learn the enormous number of vocabulary commonly used in daily communication if you follow the video on this channel.

Best Youtube Channels For Learning English

2. EF podEnglish

The EF podEnglish channel of videos stands out to me as the most accessible for English for beginners. This channel includes bite-sized video English lessons that are less than ten minutes in length. Topics include Time, Families, Directions, Grocery shopping, Weather, Pets, School friends, Relationships, Films, and Technology. The video productions are relatively high quality, and the lessons are in sequential order.

3. BBC Learning English

Surely for those who study IELTS, especially those who want to practice English – English standard voice, this YouTube channel is quite familiar. This channel has recently added a category of learning English through films and received very positive feedback from followers because of its engaging content and high applicability. In fact, there are many IELTS listening tests taken from this source.

Best Youtube Channels For Learning English

4. Hugosite.com

Hugosite.com includes over three hundred homegrown lessons that seem particularly geared to beginners of the English language. The titles and categories for lessons are not clearly evident, but the instructor makes use of tangible house objects in the tutorials, most seeming to last under a minute. Each lesson is also available in audio-only format.

Best Youtube Channels For Learning English

5. IELTS Simon

Simon is a former examiner who gave the writing score in the IELTS exams; therefore, his YouTube account is a must-see channel for those who are studying for this exam. The topics including the requirements that the IELTS examiners expect in your writing, the vocabulary to use, how to analyze the test papers and sample essays for each type of topic are well summarised by the teacher in the videos. Just watch the series of videos on this Youtube channel of Simon and you are relatively ready for the IELTS writing test!

Best Youtube Channels For Learning English

6. engVid.com

engVid.com contains over 150 video lessons on a range of topics including 50 Grammar Mistakes, Simple “˜To Be,’ Questions, Saying Numbers, Talking About Work, Words ending with ion, How to talk about what you want in English. All the videos are posted on YouTube, but the engVid.com website presents them in a more sequential format. The lessons are presented in a more traditional format, with the instructor standing in front of a whiteboard using both verbal and written instructions. It’s also useful that each lesson includes a summary objective of the lesson that will be useful to both other English language instructors and students. Each lesson also includes a quiz and an easy method to share comments and questions.

7. Anglo-Link

Despite having just joined YouTube for more than 04 years, these YouTube channels have attracted a large number of followers and views, thanks to the short videos whose content is super easy to understand. A bit different from the above Youtube channels, this account collects videos that show the common mistakes encountered in IELTS tests, as well as useful tips for preparing for exams, especially skills than can help individuals with better listening and speaking tests.

Best Youtube Channels For Learning English

8. Mister Duncan In England

As the title indicates, Mr. Duncan James is an English instructor in England. His playlist of YouTube videos consists of over 50 videos on topics including, Please/Thank You, Faults and Bad Habits, Phonetics, Superstition, Winter Snow, etc. By subscribing to his channel and watch his videos in your free time, your speaking English skills will witness specific improvements, especially in daily communication.

9. Jennifer ESL

This is a YouTube channel owned by Jennifer, an American English teacher. Nearly 400 videos on her channel are designed as online lectures and divided into different topics, such as for beginner viewers, for viewers who want to improve their writing skills, for people who wish to learn about grammatical structures and thematic vocabulary, etc. If you love Jennifer’s way of teaching, you can also follow her Twitter, WordPress, and Google+ accounts to update the latest knowledge.

Best Youtube Channels For Learning English

10. Rachel’s English

This is also a significantly advantageous Youtube channel, characterized by a particular focus on practicing American English pronunciation. The videos are divided into playlists according to different topics, most notably a list of videos that explain in detail the pronunciation of each sound in American English. More specifically, there is also a playlist explains the words which are often overlooked in daily communication and even a playlist of videos about American culture, standard American communication as well as American codes of conduct, all of which are greatly high-rated by channel followers.

11. Learn English with TV Series

This last channel allows students to watch clips of their favorite TV series – such as FriendsHow I Met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory – while learning English at the same time. Each video starts with an explanation of what students can expect to see. This will help them understand the context of what is to come. They then watch the clip of the show with subtitles to see how much they understand. This is followed by an explanation of all the interesting language which came up during the clip, which you can encourage students to note down to help improve their vocabulary. It finishes by repeating the clip, but this time without subtitles, and hopefully, they’ll be able to understand the majority of what happened. These videos are great for practicing English outside of class. Let your students choose an episode to watch at home and then in the next lesson – have them summarize the clip to the rest of the class, encouraging them to use the new vocabulary they’ve learned.

Best Youtube Channels For Learning English

12. Real English

Real English is one of the best Youtube channels for English beginners. This channel has a large and free lesson library to access. Each lesson consists of two videos, one with subtitles and one without, combined with vivid exercises. These are real-life situations, so you will feel very real when you see people speaking English on videos.

The above-mentioned channels are the most popular Learning English Channels. Let us know if these YouTube videos are of use to you as you learn to speak English. Keep practicing and good luck! Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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