Top 10 Best PTE Exam Preparation Tips For Beginners

You have completed your PTE course and are preparing for the upcoming exam. As a newbie, it’s best to pocket our top 10 best PTE exam preparation tips for beginners.

Today, many people who want to immigrate, study, or work in developed countries prioritize using English, choosing to take the PTE exam rather than IELTS or TOEFL. That’s why they placed much value on this exam and prepared it carefully.

Getting these useful tips and tricks can contribute to increasing the success rate in your PTE exam.

How To Prepare for Your PTE Exam

Top 10 Best PTE Exam Preparation Tips For Beginners

Don’t let the difficulties in the first challenge beat you. You’d better prepare everything to enter the exam well.

First, it requires you to understand the patterns and scores of the PTE exam. In addition to PTE study tips to improve your English skills, you also need to know its new format to determine your task.

Learn how to manage your time by doing the PTE test related to the exam. This helps you realize your weakness and strength to improve and enhance.

Instead of trying to cram all knowledge the day before, you should have the right strategy for the particular timeframe. We advise you to divide sections in a day for convenient revision.

With 4 sections—Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, you may spend a day in a week on each to be able to revise the details. The leftover days are for reviewing what you have learned before and resting.

Top 10 Best PTE Exam Preparation Tips For Beginners

Now, it’s high time to optimize your score with our great PTE exam preparation tips:

Tip #1: Understand The PTE Test

As a novice who is preparing to take the PTE exam, things in the test are entirely strange to you. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the format and score of the PTE exam.

It would help if you spend a little time mastering its format. This is helpful for your preparation for the next steps after you’ve known about the layout, types of questions, length, and directions in each examination section.

Because you’ll be scored by an AI system, everything ensures fairness, accuracy, and consistency. Your score can range from 10 to 90, reflecting your English level.

There isn’t a specific number to determine your pass or fail; you only receive the good or bad points. To identify a good score, you can check out this PTE score chart.

Tip #2: Set the Good Score Aim

After you know the score needed to pass the PTE exam, you must set that score goal. Every country will have different requirements, so you’d better check them beforehand.

Let’s look back at your English level and then identify how much effort you need to make to achieve that target. This is a useful way for you to approach your real situation.

Tip #3: Study With the Dependable Documents

What PTE preparation sources are you learning? We ask you this because many students downloaded and used unreliable and outdated materials. If you utilize them for your revision, it will negatively affect your results.

Ensure that your materials are the newest and include the key topics of the PTE exam. You can access, which provides you with the official documents and tests.

Tip #4: Establish The Proper Timetable

Top 10 Best PTE Exam Preparation Tips For Beginners

A good timetable will optimize your revision result even if you don’t have much time to prepare.

Have yourself a comfortable study space and set up effective study time. In this way, you’ll easily concentrate on studying. It also helps improve the ability to apprehend.

Remember that you shouldn’t spend time learning all sections. It’s best to allocate every section’s knowledge reasonably in a certain time frame.

Tip #5: Find a Partner

Self-study makes it hard to achieve optimal efficiency. If there is a professional PTE trainer, you will get many benefits, such as giving you useful advice, sharing many practical materials, etc.

You can practice anytime and anywhere with an online class, or you can even join free PTE revision groups. There are many study classes and groups so that you can interact and practice your skills.

Tip #6: Take Notes Diligently

Writing down what you have done and reconsidering your mistakes is an effective method, not a waste of time, like some thought.

By taking notes on all that you have studied, you can quickly review the crucial information. Keep in mind that you only take note of the core part without cramming all the books.

Tip #7: Put The Test In Practice

For those who are bad at listening and speaking skills, let’s try to practice as much as possible. Don’t only study on paper; you must integrate these skills into your daily life.

For example, you can express everything by using your vocabulary and thinking in English. Or follow native speakers through films, books, or TV shows to pronounce and use grammar optimally.

Tip #8: Determine Your Weaknesses and Strengths

If your key skill is Reading, you can find and make this entire section with all your knowledge to reach the maximum score. For skills that you aren’t good enough, you’d better spend a lot of time practicing and improving. Ensure that you can avoid a similar mistake in the PTE exam.

Tip #9: Practice, Practice, And Practice

You can simulate the exam environment, from the test to the exam time. This helps you monitor your study process. Try to complete all questions in a limited time. In addition, you should also spend a little time checking your assignment.

We recommend you do that every day until your exam day.

Tip #10: Relax

Studying should be combined with rest—an effective method. You must get enough sleep during your preparation process and before the examination.


Top 10 best PTE exam preparation tips for beginners may not be all advice, but ensure that they are useful tips for your PTE exam preparation.

Don’t forget to practice regularly and take notes of the important things during your study process. Before the examination, you should keep a comfortable mind.

A clear mind is the source of success!

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