Bane Of My Existence – Bane Of My Existence Meaning

Meaning of “Bane Of My Existence” with Examples

Bane of my existence” is a common English expression that you will hear or see in everyday speech or writing. This article will define this phrase and information on its origin. You will also learn and some other ways to pronounce it while maintaining the same meaning.

Bane Of My Existence - Bane Of My Existence Meaning

What does “Bane of My Existence” mean?

The phrase “bane of my existence” illustrates a thing or another person that disturbs, bothers, antagonizes, or frustrates people and makes their life awful.


The word “bane” which was once used to indicate a single source of harm, pain, or death, is most likely the origins of the phrase “bane of my existence”. people usually use this term to indicate dangerous occurrences in Middle English and Old English. Today, this word is used to form the phrase “bane of my existence” which is now commonly used to refer to less serious events that do not include something like death.


Lisa has been constantly annoying me all week. She’s been the bane of my very existence!

Other Expressions 

There are a variety of ways to replace “bane of my existence” and still convey the same meaning, including:

  • The curse of my life
  • My lifelong adversary
  • My primary enemy for life
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