400 Common English Phrases and Sentences – Lesson 6

205 That was delicious.
206 Good to see you!
207 You’re looking well.
208 Please take your shoes off.
209 Did you have a good journey?
210 Did you find us alright?
211 I’ll show you your room.
212 How do you take it?
213 Do you take sugar?
214 Have a seat!
215 Could I use your phone?
216 Thanks for coming.
217 Have a safe journey home.
218 Where’s the ticket office?
219 What time’s the next bus to Portsmouth?
220 This Bus has been cancelled.
221 Have you ever been to Italy?
222 I’ve never been, but I’d love to go someday.
223 How long does the journey take?
224 What time do we arrive?
225 Do you get travel sick?
226 Enjoy your trip!
227 I’d like to travel to Spain.
228 How much are the flights?
229 Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the bus station?
230 I’m looking for this address.
231 It’s this way.
232 You’re going the wrong way.
233 Take this road.
234 Go down there.
235 How far is it to the airport?
236 Is it a long way?
237 It’s not far.
238 It’s quite a long way.
239 Can I park here?
240 Where’s the nearest petrol station?
241 Are we nearly there?
242 How much would you like?
243 I’d like to hire a car.
244 How do you open the…?

400 Common English Phrases and Sentences – Lesson 7

List of 400 Common English Phrases and Sentences

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