365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 6

208 It’s out of the question.
209 It’s time for dinner.
210 It’s up in the air.
211 It’s up to date.
212 It’s up to you.
213 It’s very popular.
214 It’s worth seeing.
215 Just let it be.
216 Just to be on the safe side.
217 Keep the change.
218 Keep up the good work.
219 Keep your fingers crossed.
220 Kill two birds with one stone.
221 Let me get back to you.
222 Let me guess.
223 Let me put it this way.
224 Let me see.
225 Let’s call it a day.
226 Let’s celebrate!
227 Let’s find out.
228 Let’s get to the point.
229 Let’s get together sometime.
230 Let’s hope for the best.
231 Let’s keep in touch.
232 Let’s make up.
233 Let’s go visit them.
234 Let’s talk over dinner.
235 Long time no see.
236 Look before you leap.
237 May I ask you a question?
238 May I have a receipt?
239 May I have your name, please?
240 May I pay by credit card?
241 May I try it on?
242 Maybe it will work.
243 Maybe some other time.
244 My mouth is watering.
245 My phone was out of order.

365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 7

List Of 365 Common English Sentences

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