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VOA Learning English About Animals for English Learners

Learn English with VOA (Voice of America)VOA Learning English and VOA Special English helps you learn English with vocabulary, listening, and speaking.

Why VOA Learning English resource so useful for English Learners?

  1. VOA English Lessons include: audio and full transcripts, have a core vocabulary of 1500 words, making them easier to understand.
  2. Lessons use short, simple sentences that contain a single idea. They use the active voice and do not use idioms.
  3. Podcasts are read at a slower speed than the standard speed, so each word is pronounced more clearly and is better understood.

VOA Learning English About Animals for English Learners

These are 25 VOA Learning English lessons about Animals. 

VOA Learning English - About Animals

VOA Learning English and VOA Special English About Animals for English Learners
1Bats and Fish Farming
2What do Spider Webs and Guitar Strings Have in Common?
3Plastic Eating Worms May Cut Pollution
4‘One-in-a-Billion’ Dinosaur Discovery
5Bees are Carrying Pesticides into the World’s Honey
6Scottish Island Shows Evidence of Dinosaur Parade Ground
7Major Chicken Producer to Stop Using Antibiotics
8Mapping the Genes of the Woolly Mammoth
9Emperor Penguins Survive in World’s Most Extreme Climate
10Coyotes Eyeing the Sheep? Employ a Guard Llama
11New Gorilla Population in Congo
12How Sharks Follow Their Nose to Dinner
13Transgenic Monkeys Produced in Japan
14Putting Worms to Work to Help Your Garden
15Scientists Discover Fossil of Strange Sea Worm
16Dry Conditions Threaten Wild Horses in Western US
17Birds Learn Each Other’s ‘Languages’ by Listening, Experts Say
18Scientists Get First-Ever Measure of Blue Whale Heart Rate
19Shark Diving and Feeding Raises Concerns, for Sharks and Divers
20Sharks: A Bad Image, but Oceans Value Them
21Scientists Clone Pigs to Make Omega-3 Fatty Acids
22Turkey Production Costs Are Up
23Saving Reindeer and a Community in Mongolia
24Burros as Guard Dogs on the Farm
25How Sharks Have Paid the Price for Demand for Shark Fin Soup

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