XD Meaning – What Does XD Mean?

XD: What does it stand for and how to use it in daily conversations?

You may see “XD” a lot in text messages and emails in particular. Since the phrase “XD” is widely used, you may not find it weird when encountering it. However, have you ever wondered if it’s an abbreviation for an undiscovered phrase or if it actually implies something? The right answer is in this article. You will also learn about its origins and alternate meanings if they are available. Also, to help you better understand the usage of “XD”, this article will provide you with helpful examples as well as some alternative expressions.

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What is the definition of “XD”?

XD” is a text message or e-mail expression that expresses joy or laughter. It is a remark made in response to something really entertaining. A laughing face is represented by the emoji “XD”. Two closed eyes from all of the laughter are portrayed by the letter “X”, while an open mouth inverted is represented by the letter “D”.

Where does the emoji “XD” come from?

“XD” was all the rage among AIM users in the early 2000s. Despite the unknown origin of this emoticon, it first came into use in the Urban Dictionary on March 29, 2003. Another user provided the phonetic spelling of “XD” on December 23rd of that year, and it has been part of our messaging culture ever since. Besides, “XD” also gains popularity in the online gaming community, in addition to messaging and other networking.

Other meanings of “XD”

“XD” can also indicate “I love you”, which is common in the emo community. A few other definitions, such as crossing and kissed, can also be used as an abbreviation for a variety of idioms, depending on the situation. Especially, if you are a trader or in a stock market, “XD” could also mean “ex-dividend”

In other cases, “XD” can be the abbreviation form of some phrases as follows: 

  • Extreme duty
  • Extra dimension
  • Experience design
  • Executive development
  • Exothermic dispersion
  • Christmas Day

Examples of using “XD”

Example 1: A and B are texting each other on Whatsapp. A has just told B a very funny story. B laughed out loud and sent A the emoji “XD”.

  • A: * tells a funny story *
  • B: OMG! That’s funny. XD

Example 2: A and B are talking about their camping trip.

A: Hey, what are you doing?

B: Nothing, really.

A: Let’s go camping together. I have prepared everything, so all you have to do now is get dressed and come to my house.

B: Uhm, my mom scolded me yesterday for losing her earrings. But you know, I am not such a kind of careless person. I even didn’t use it.

A: Oh is that your problem? So I have good news for you. Your mom has just visited my house. She arrived to get the earrings that she had left when she came to attend my mom’s birthday 2 days ago.

B: Really? Your mom is the best! XD

A: Yes, so let’s go camping. XD

Alternatives to “XD”

Various terms might be substituted for this emoticon to convey the same meaning, including:

  • :’D.
  • LMAO.
  • ROFL.
  • KMSL.
  • LOL.


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